Here is my approved list of products from Costco. It’s 6 pages.

There is no denying that the organics category, once considered a niche market, has gone mainstream. The organic foods industry has seen double digit growth each year since 1990.

The more consumers become aware of it’s importance, the more they will seek it and the more options you’ll see.

If you have followed me long enough, you have heard me advising over and over to buy sustainably from local source just as our ancestors and Centenarians around the world have and are practicing to live a long and vibrant life.

My mission is to bring delicious and nutritious ancestral wisdom to meet our modern world lives. I seldom shop at Costco. When I do, this is my list.

You will notice I have not included produce (fruit and vegetables), meat, poultry, egg and dairy even though more options are available within Costco.
There is very good reason that I hope you’ll consider for your health’s sake.

Why buy local and organic from small farmers
You may have heard news about recall of some organic and conventional stone fruits for Listeria contamination or the Hepatitus A outbreak from frozen berries. Almonds and spinach have gone through recalls.

These foods are not the first or last that have gone through scrutiny as far as food born illness prevention is concerned.  There will be many more other conventionally grown and processed foods that will cause food born illnesses. We will hear more illogical “solutions” like irradiation or pasteurization.

Meanwhile the real problem…..the source which is always linked to an industrial food system of mass production with run off water from nearby CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)  or use of pesticides that weakens the plant’s natural defense systems (only to protect against pests that aren’t deadly but a nuisance), and not to mention use of unsustainable farming practices which promotes use of chemical fertilizer which again weakens the plants natural ability to grow as strong as it can and not providing the consumers all the minerals that natural compost/fertilizer and biodynamic farming food would.

This is why we almost always buy from farmers that we trust. They also happen to be local so the fruits and veggies are picked that day vs picked weeks in advance. When allowed to ripen on the tree or wine, the fruit contains more nutrients and minerals that our bodies crave and need to operate at its optimum.

Costco sells organic frozen fruit under SunRise brand. Even though SunRise brand isn’t implicated for the Listeria outbreak and it isn’t associated with Townsend Farms (which was indicated), I wouldn’t trust the source.  On Sunrise’s site, it goes on to say that “the fruits we receive from other countries come from companies that we have….”.  That statement right there makes me question whether I want to include it on my list. It’s hard enough to fully understand the organic certification from this country much less other countries (other than European countries).

Why I won’t get my meat, poultry and dairy from Costco even IF it states that it is organic, sustainably produced and/or grass fed?
The ranchers growing these foods for big producers like Costco have a big production.
With big production comes some standards that are practiced that are outside of what mother nature intended.
For instance, the meat may be grass fed, but it may be grain finished. And if it isn’t labeled organic, it may be fed Genetically Modified grains which is a recipe for disaster for the animal’s and your intestinal health. Intestines is where your health begins and is managed.
Just because it says chicken is free range doesn’t mean it is pasture raised the way nature intended. I could write a thesis about this.

Here is a great article about different labels of describing how a chicken is raised and what it means.

What about organic dairy?
For many reasons, I only trust organic raw milk, from a reputable source like Organic Pastures as an option for consuming milk.
I wouldn’t consume pasteurized and/or homogenized milk….. even if it is triple organic certified.
More on pasteurization and homogenization in later articles.

BareFood Angel’s Best choices for meat, poultry, dairy, milk:
Local, small farmers/ranchers who practice sustainably and produce food that adhere to the laws of nature offer the safest and most nutrient dense foods. You end up eating less of it because your body is more satiated with the nutrients it receives. And since you eat less of it, you end up not buying as much in bulk. You may end up budgeting the same amount for food considering how much bulk is required to acquire the same amount of nutrients. Being certified organic is best but not all small farmers/ranchers can afford that process. More on that later.

If you have an item that you trust from Costco that you’d like me to include on the list or one that you’d like me to be look into, please let me know by filling out this form. It will help me keep tasks organized so that I can get to your question or feedback.

Hope you found this BareFood Angel Costco list and this article helpful.


Hepatitis A Outbreak:

Organic Pastures:

To Your Health,

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My vision is to empower you to achieve your optimal health and lead a healthy life through awareness and education. It is to bring you simple, delicious, nutritionally dense foods and easy recipes that support the wellness of your mind, body and soul. My goal is to teach the effective principles and practices of our ancestors in a modern context forliving a vibrant life.



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