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Hydrate, Structure, Cleanse, Nourish, and Rejuvenate your cells!

Why and how to access Clean Pure Water Wherever you are

I was called to write this book to show the world how to activate our purest and most magical crystals within each every single cell of our body with something that is simple, practical and has profound effects. The quality of water we consume (structuring the perfect crystals with our consciousness + making sure it’s clear of toxins and chemicals) is ESSENTIAL for the big dreams and visions we have to serve humanity.

This book takes you beyond the superficial regurgitative narrative of the importance of hydration. From tap water, well systems, pitcher/fridge filter, hydration stations, distilled water, bottled water, ionized/alkaline water to reverse osmosis, etc.: learn which current solutions and options offer clean pure water and which ones are full of hype, false, and misleading marketing push.

Cut through the confusion.

Before you waste your time and money on an expensive purification system that at best leaves you with empty unsupported promises but most likely and at worst, leaves harmful chemicals, read the shocking dirty business of bottled, tap, & filtered water systems.
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