My Story

May you be inspired to realize your innate healing abilities

A  few years ago  a profound experience made me realize that my life is completely out of balance. 

Like a typical modern woman, burning both ends of the candle, I was experiencing some of the typical hormonal imbalance symptoms: sleeplessness, night sweats, massive hair loss, no libido and very little energy. 

My night sweating was so bad that I would wake up to wet sheets leaving me tired and lacking energy the next day. I was losing so much hair that I had to unclog my drain every day. I felt unproductive, not of service and not vibrant.

Wanting a quick fix, I went to a holistic gynecologist who, after running routine tests, prescribed bioidentical hormones. Reluctant at first, I asked the doctor to have it compounded in minute dose. I thought “its in minute dose, what could go wrong!”

Day two into applying this “benign” quick fix, while thousands of miles away on a research project, I experienced the most violent hormonal imbalance reaction, going head to head with death. I was abruptly woken up at 5 a.m to a sharp profound pain in my womb area followed by profuse sweating. Child labor was no match to this pain.  

The whole process felt like a nightmare:  The burning heat, the intense sweating, the body not being able to do anything but be curled up in a ball from a debilitating shooting pain, the thought of not living life fully and dying prematurely.  I remember not only seeing, but feeling intensely the pain of all the women who had come to me earlier for help with their symptoms. It was as if I was feeling all of their symptoms,  compounded all at once.

Then just as quickly this violent reaction came on, it subsided two hours later. Not only were the bed sheets wet, the whole mattress was soaking.

After catching my breath and realizing that I am alive, I realized that this was a violent reaction to the “bio identical” cream that was prescribed to me by a functional doctor who I trusted. Imagine if the prescription wasn’t in minute dose as I insisted!

Through loving care of the centenarian women in the village I was staying with, I received the relief that helped me get back on my feet and function for the rest of my research project.

My turning point….

I saw the light

After I recuperated from that violent reaction, I committed to taking care of myself and to finding the truth.

What I discovered was shocking…

I learned that as intricate our body is and how complicated  the experts make it seem to get back into balance, the natural laws that govern our divinely designed body to be in balance is purely simple and brilliant. 

After getting back home, I learned that lab tests alone (and if not done properly) not only didn’t give an accurate picture of a woman’s state of hormones, it could give a misleading picture resulting in inaccurate diagnosis and prescription/guidance.  

 I knew the answer didn’t come in a bottle of bioidentical hormone cream even in minute dosage prescribed by a functional gynecologist. 

I also knew there was not one panacea that would bring things back into balance. 

There is a pattern that a vibrant person operates by.

What I discovered was that the worlds’ most happy, healthy and balanced people LIVE these 7 natural laws on the daily…JOYFULLY. 

And BECAUSE of that, they live without feeling guilty, deprived, chasing after their health. They have freedom to enjoy life.

I began studying, reading, interviewing experts in different fields including endocrinologists, scientists, functional doctors, and sleep specialists and more.

I knew I couldn’t go through this journey alone.

I surrounded myself with the guidance of right mentors, practitioners, tools and support system who were in alignment with my vision. I needed my community to help me implement natural, effective and practical strategies that are evidence based and rooted in ancient wisdom.

My supportive community helped me Re-Awaken and filled me with love and positive energy on my journey to healing back to myself.

The story of support from my inner circle inspiring. It was featured in a spiritual book called “Tribe of Light: How Community Helps Us Heal”.

My desire to regain my energy and vibrance didn’t change overnight. 

First, this experience woke me up to the fact that the solutions to my imbalance wasn’t going to come from someone with a fancy degree or a complicated expensive formula created in a lab.  

This meant that I was the one who needs to do the work.  

The medicine is -and has always been- within me and around me through 7 Natural Laws. Most of the tools are either provided by nature for FREE or very cost effective in the long run like consuming the right kind of foods. AND they are life giving vs sucking the life and joy out of you.

To achieve the long lasting results, I needed to follow the principles within the natural laws for Cleansing, Protecting and Replenishing my mind, body and energetic body.  And I needed to do it whole-heartedly and completely. Not haphazardly. 

Second thing I realized is that if I was going to get my vitality back, I better change my thought process.  To do that, I allowed the Blue Zone Centenarians lifestyle and my own ancestor’s way of living inspire me and help me recall my own powers back.

My approach to achieve my desired outcome suddenly became clear. 

What was amazing to experience is that these Natural Laws were not only didn’t require deprivation or feeling guilty or extreme lifestyle, they brought joy back to my life and my family.

I made sure I got the right kind of rest, nourishment, movement and massive doses of exposure to nature. My whole family got to go on this joy ride with me.  I was happier, funner and more present mom for my kids. And the meals were delicious. I also took steps to detox effectively without the violent side effects.

Within a few weeks my night sweating stopped, I was getting quality sleep, had more energy during the day, started getting my hair and vibrancy back. Interestingly, I was able to be of service to others even more now that I took care of me first. 

I now know my almost dying experience on the island was a blessing in disguise. Had I not experienced that hormonal imbalance reaction so violently, I would have continued my journey, using tools that don’t follow natural principles, and died slowly.

Instead, because I follow the principles with the natural laws, I no longer live in suffering from insomnia, lack of energy and libido and hair loss. 

In fact, some think I am  de-aging.   I definitely feel like I am de-aging. And no, I am not resorting to easy fixes from medical spas.  What I am doing costs far less, it is effective, long lasting, and doesn’t leave my body with toxins or traumas.

Inspired by the experience and the centenarian lifestyle and diet, I wrote the  #1 International Best Selling book entitled “Fifty Shades of Grain: The Truth about Eating Bread and Feeling Great”.

This led me to be invited on different stages to speak about this subject. 

Despite our body being intricate and the conventional approach to address hormonal and endocrine imbalances is complicated, living in balance following the natural laws isn’t.  The principles within the 7 natural laws that govern our well being operate simply: simply designed to take care of our intricately divinely designed bodies in the most  effortless way.

My curiosity and quest to replicate the ancient wisdom formula for longevity led me to codifying what is producing this extraordinary success to wellness, happiness, productiveness and fulfilling life.

My Mission is to...

Help conscious beings remember and recall the forgotten commandments to help their body’s innate and divinely designed ability to be healthy, vibrant and happy using universally accepted, timeless, and immutable Natural Laws. 

My hope is to impact the shift of the collective to the next level of consciousness; To bring light into this world one being at a time.

Are you ready to .....

Re-Awaken and activate your innate healing abilities

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