EVERY woman deserves to feel vibrant and sexy

Becoming your best self with real, easy, delicious and nutritious food without restrictions or deprivation!

My emphasis is on the healing properties of food. Once I help you figure out the trigger foods that are contributing to your symptoms, I’ll show you options that are economical, easy to get from your local market, and easy to prepare.

The focus is about becoming and staying conscious on your journey.

Being conscious of your choices allows you to be who you are, eat delicious food, and let go of being obsessed with your diet.

Dieting and over exercising is neither required nor beneficial.

There is a strange notion that fitness, good health, and disease prevention equal deprivation.

The majority of people feel that the price to being fit and healthy is too high and requires sacrifice, and strips the joy and pleasure out of living.

The truth is that none of that has to be the case. It’s true, we need to change some of our ways, however we can exchange one joy for an even greater joy.

If you accept the fact that enjoying what you eat and enjoying how you live go together with the maintenance of good health, you’ll have taken a major step toward the prevention of chronic disease.

The kitchen should be a place full of flavors and aromas, not a laboratory or hospital kitchen. Our pantry and refrigerator should be full of real, whole fresh foods.

Reading the labels of many processed foods can often seem like reading a chemistry book. Food is meant to be a simple pleasure, not a test of your chemistry knowledge.

It would benefit us to experience new healthy pleasures to replace old unhealthy ones.

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