Ayurvedic Ancient Remedy for Modern Skin Care ​

Simple. Pure. Potent


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Activated Water
Prickly Pear
Blue Tansy
Blue Butterfly
Rose Absolute
Proprietary oils

I travel the world bringing you only the purest and some rare ingredients.

I come from lineage of beauty experts

I carefully and selectively collect ingredients that I know, trust, cherish.

Only high vibrational blend of essential oils are used.

This proprietary blend elevates the cream’s potency and effectiveness to a whole new level.

I am genuinely proud to offer my proprietary blend to you.  

So Clean, it is Edible

Effective on all Skin types

Because the ingredients are nutrient dense, potent yet gentle, it is effective on all skin types. No need to apply any other product before or after. Light for daytime use yet rich for nighttime routine.

My philosophy is centered on crafting products that I use myself, ones that have been tested and proven through test of time. 
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5000 years old ART

AngelFace by AngelBody ™ is a hydrating, soothing, nourishing and light skin care. It incorporates a blend of Ayer Vedic ancient beauty remedies for modern skincare. Its collagen boosting and UVA ray protective properties gives your skin elasticity and firmness while easing redness, acne, and dryness and dark spots.


“I love everything about it. The smell is very enjoyable. This cream is not oily and yet I feel it moisturize. A little goes a long way. The only problem I have is that I love it so much, I'm just smothering the whole thing on my face.”

Becky S.

“I finally found the holy Grail of skincare. The cream has luxurious texture that feels silky, smooth on my skin, and comes in a slick, Eco-friendly container. This scream, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin without any harsh chemicals. It absorbs into the skin, leaving it hydrated, plump and radiant. My skin feels soft; It doesn’t feel greasy or dry. It feels fresh. After a week of use, my skin looks noticeably smoother and more youthful, with a healthy glow that I haven’t seen in years. This face cream has exceeded all my expectations. If you’re seeking a high-quality cream that delivers on its promise while also being kind to your skin and planet, look no further. This cream is truly a game changer. It’s beautiful package, making it an ideal gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself

Maria C.

Unlike other natural products that use even “natural” preservatives to extend the shelf life of their product, because there is absolutely no preservative used to ensure ultimate potency, the shelf like of this live food for the face is 6 months from the date your individual treat was made.   And the reason this live food for the face lasts for that long even is because it includes truly natural ingredients that have natural preservative properties.  Every micro batch is prepared fresh in my intimate lab and dated for full transparency.

No please as some of the ingredients will lose their texture. Feel free to store our fresh goodies thoughtfully in a cool, dark, dry and stable environment in their original packaging.  The cream should last beyond the time frame. However, to take advantage of its potency, I encourage you to treat them like fresh food. It is best if it is used within six months of opening.  Be sure to close the lid of the cream after each use to make sure the ingredients don’t get oxidized. Remember, there is no “natural” ingredient added to preserve the cream. Rest assured that every product I create is free of nasties like parabens with non sticky properties and anti allergic qualities. There is no synthetic fragrance, preservatives, dyes, glues and a long list of irritants.

Because the ingredients are nutrient dense and potent, it nourishes your skin deeply and sustainably.  A little dab goes a long way. Each 1 oz jar should last about a month or month and a half depending on how much hydration your skin needs.  How much nourishment your skin needs depends on many factors including how you wash your face, when you apply the moisturizing cream and your lifestyle. To mark its freshness, each jar is marked with its own special handmade birthday stamp.

None of the ingredients or collectively are tested on animals.

The ingredients in the cream are not vegan. Ancient cultures used animal products in their beauty routines.

I work from principles of ingredients integrity and consciousness for our planet and its creatures. The forgotten commandments within the 7 Natural Laws are followed. I’ll soon write articles about each ingredient.

I draw ancient beauty secrets around the world that has been tested and proven as beauty elixir for thousands of years.

Many companies substitute cheaply produced essential oils out there are either diluted or adulterated, which can cause issues. Just like food, quality and source of essential oils matters. The essential oils including the proprietary blends used in AngelFace by Angel Body are pure and sourced from companies that use traditional processing without any additives or chemicals.  Essentials oils are power natural medicine and like any medicine (natural or not) must be used properly; maintaining the right balance and ratio to ensure they’re not only safe but also effective.  I draw beauty secrets used by ancient cultures known for their beauty products. Many of the essential oils are gathered from my travels to perfumeries – that use the purest essential oils- across the world.

Because the ingredients are nutrient dense, potent yet gentle, it is effective on all skin types.

No need to apply any other product before or after.

Light for daytime use yet rich for nighttime routine. If you have younger skin that doesn’t need a particularly rich formulation or anti-aging benefits, you can use the cream only occasionally or as a booster overnight.

Just like our body needs food to survive and shelter to protect against elements, your skin will LOVE the nourishment and protection it receives through the face cream. Chances are your skin will feel hydrated, nourished, calmer, and “glowy” right away. Transitioning to natural skincare may not always result in an immediate perfect match. Stay consistent with my collection for at least 90 days. Be patient with yourself, and don’t hesitate to ask for guidance. I’m here to help!

Although strict measurements are used to make sure a consistent product is created, the color and texture may vary slightly because this is not manufactured in a factory with questionable ingredients.  I am not interested to produce and distribute a “food product” that has a long shelf life or has a “perfect” consistency, color or scent. For “perfect”, you’ll have to give up natural.  Nature and naturally perfect in all of its imperfection.  I am working with living ingredients. Interesting uncommon knowledge: pure herbs and essential oils  adopt and mimic their surrounding environment including season, temperature, mood. For instance, the blue hew color may vary in different batches depending on the amount of humidity and pressure in the air. Believe it or not, the living ingredients “feel” the love energy that is poured into each batch. That is why every batch I made, I make sure is in a calm, happy and loving environment. 


AngelFace by AngelBody ™

Hydrating Face Food

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