Lemon verbena is an herb with powerful medicinal effect that smells and tastes amazing. It is easy to grow and has many health benefits including but not limited to:

  • Weight loss
  • Reduce bloating
  • Protect muscles and joints
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce fever
  • Soothe nerves
  • Clear up congestion

For more detailed look into Lemon Verbena herb, it’s many benefits and how to make a tea out of it, review this post

It is important to protect body against toxins and harm while you cleanse and nourish it so that your body’s divinely designed innate healing abilities can be activated. Be discerning about what kind of bake/cook ware you use. Make sure you use clean pure water. Then you can structure it.

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Lemon Verbena Tea
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Here is a tasty herbal tea recipe for managing weight, calming the digestive and relieving join pain. Visit Shop- Recommended Brands to see the cookware  and water purification systems I trust and use. 
3 cups
3 cups
Lemon Verbena Tea
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Here is a tasty herbal tea recipe for managing weight, calming the digestive and relieving join pain. Visit Shop- Recommended Brands to see the cookware  and water purification systems I trust and use. 
3 cups
3 cups
Servings: cups
  1. Bring 3 cups of water to a rolling boil in a safe cooking container. I use ceramic pot or glass.
  2. Add the herbs then cover with a lid. Steep on low heat for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Depending on your protocol or dietary guideline, you may or may not want or be able to sweeten it with honey or Jujube. Stir in clock wise then counter clockwise motion to Organize the water. I like to use wooden spoon.
  4. Enjoy anytime. A small cup after meals is recommended for better digestion.
  5. When pouring tea, start by pouring close to the tea cup then raise up the kettle as you pour the tea into the tea cup. *
Recipe Notes

Have noticed that many ancient cultures pour tea from a height?

Sure, the act of pouring tea from a height is often considered an art form, showcasing the skill and grace of the tea pourer. It is believed to create a delicate and graceful stream of tea, enhancing the visual and sensory experience for the guests.


Could this ancient pouring technique structure water?

Is is because it has cultural significance, aesthetics and ceremonial aspects?


Is there a deeper reason?

Let’s look at nature as our teacher.

As water meanders through rocks and curves in natural streams, it undergoes a process known as vortexing, which plays a significant role in structuring or better described Organize the water. Vortexing refers to the swirling motion that occurs when water flows through obstacles, such as rocks and irregularities in the streambed.

As water moves through these obstacles, it creates small vortices or whirlpools, which generate a dynamic interaction between the water molecules. This motion causes the water molecules to organize into distinct patterns, forming hexagonal clusters known as "EZ water" “ organized water” or "structured water."

The structured water created through vortexing in streams and rivers is characterized by its unique molecular arrangement. It consists of tightly packed hexagonal clusters with ordered arrangements of water molecules. This structuring process enhances water's ability to retain and deliver energy and nutrients to living organisms, making it more bioavailable and beneficial for biological processes. The tumbling actions of water through rocks and curves create this naturally structured water, which has been observed to have different properties compared to stagnant or unstructured water.

Looking at how natural water meandering through rocks and curves gets structured and based on what John Stuart Reid shared on the 2023 Masterclass, if we can emulate nature by using a little heat and a simple kitchen blender, by deductive reasoning, it makes sense that making hot tea and the conscious and methodical stirring and pouring action would also create EZ water.

While the way ancient cultures poured tea primarily related to the aesthetics, presentation, and serving ritual, based on what I have gathered from interviewing luminaries over the years,  could this practice have started for a different reason?

I suspect- maybe recalling- it started because it was observed that the water tastes better and nutrients are better absorbed. I also suspect that if one were to ask most people who practice this ancient practice, they wouldn't remember the original purpose.

Please note that I haven’t found substantial evidence or historical documentation specifically linking this practice to water structuring…yet.  I have come to realize and trust in my own senses and observation.  I hope you do as well.

AND it is important to remember that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

This conscious stirring and pouring motion may be creating "organized water" and turning water into Fourth Phase water: energized with charge.  This, along with carefully selecting the ingredients from herbs to raw honey to the ceramic pot may be the many reasons why it has been reported that my teas are "smooth"- almost slippery, super hydrating - and super delicious.

If you have any supporting articles or historical documents to share, I welcome it. 


I usually brew my tea in my special ceramic caldron. However, for demonstrative purposes, I am using my occasional glassware.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article and podcast are for informational purposes only. Nothing present here is intended to diagnose or treat any disease, and there are no supplements or products offered for sale in relation to this information.

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4 responses to “Lemon Verbena Tea”

  1. Tony says:

    Does anyone have any comments or opinions on the Analemma wand for structuring water and also the Twistedsage water ring and lastly Shungite for water structuring?

    Tons of interesting info on water on cosmic reality site and her book is incredibly interesting available on Amazon.

    • Caroline says:

      Hi Tony,
      Thank you for sharing. I have heard about all those tools you mentioned. Dr. Tom Cowan offers the Analemma wand on his site. Tom seems to be particular about who he associates with. AND he has said himself that a lot of the tools/gadgets that he has for structuring water has been gifted to him from affiliates who wanted him to test it out.
      Then there is the matter of the source of say Shungite? Is it free of toxic elements? Are you adding heavy metals into your water while structuring it?

      In all transparency, I personally haven’t dug in deep into any one of them.

      There are a million and one way to structure water.

      I tend to lean towards traditional methods….they tend to utilize techniques and God given tools from nature that naturally structure water. It may not be “advertised” because they are not marketed because there is no profit to be made from something that you can get for free.

      Just like anything else in life, if you have the funds and means and intuitively it calls you, do it and see how your body reacts. Your body will talk. That will be your best gauge to know if it is working or not.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Theo says:

    This is great! I never considered this, but remember while in Turkey from how high they would pour the tea, really amazing. I just thought it was for show, but now, knowing what I know about structured water, this makes perfect sense and I think you are right.

  3. Caroline says:

    Thank you Theo for sharing your Re-calling. Data is useful. However, we have forgotten to trust our senses and have been taught to depend on science which many times is flawed, not gathered because there is no financial gain, or simply biased/bought.
    It is time to trust our observations.

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