Lemon Verbena Tea

Lemon verbena is an herb with powerful medicinal effect that smells and tastes amazing. It is easy to grow and has many health benefits including but not limited to: Weight loss Reduce bloating Protect muscles and joints Reduce inflammation Boost… [Read More]

Spike Protein Disabling Tea

lung supporting tea
This tea not only helps de activating the negative effects of the spike protein, it turns out it is a GREAT detoxing tool for all sorts of reasons. Just like anything that is good for your body, it is not… [Read More]

Lung Detoxing Tea

In November of 2018, my community went through a devastating wild fires. Besides the immediate effects of smoke inhalation, there were major future side effects to consider from these fires.The fine particles of burned materials (formaldyhide, VOCs, asbestos etc from… [Read More]