Eggshell Membrane: An Overlooked Collagen Source

Eggshell membrane is the unexpected lesser-known source of collagenEggshell membrane is the unexpected lesser-known source of collagen.When we think of collagen-rich sources, bone broth often comes to mind, thanks to its time-honored tradition of simmering bones and tissues.However, the world… [Read More]

Lemon Verbena Herb

Lemon Verbena: A delicious herb that has medicinal propertiesIn the world of herbal remedies, Lemon Verbena- also called lemon beebrush- stands out as a powerhouse of wellness. Although Lemon Verbena (Aloysia citrodora) is an herb native to South America, it… [Read More]

Announcing the 5th Blue Zone

Martinique, an island in the Caribbean sea,  IS the 5th Blue Zone.This is HOT-OFF-THE-PRESS news as of March 2023.My colleague and friend, Professor Michel Poulain, THE demographer who identifies and validates Blue Zones reached out to me a few days… [Read More]

2 toxic additives to avoid in bread

There are two toxic ingredients added in commercial baked goods that not only do your body no good, but they have detrimental impact on your hormones and your health.  Being gluten free is more than unnecessary. Eating gluten-free isn’t THE… [Read More]

Hibiscus – Egyptian Wonder Flower 🌺

I travel the world and bring back treasures full of wisdom from ancient cultures, diets, lifestyle, and religions. I go with an open heart and mind. Most of the time, there is no agenda to what wisdom to gain.  I… [Read More]

Cold/Flu Remedy protocol

From years of experience with myself, my own family and consulting others, it has become crystal clear that the best way to achieve good health and to avoid many of the diseases prevalent in society is through ancestral diet, good… [Read More]

Sunshine Vitamin

Sunshine vitamin
Power of the Sun Rays You’ve probably heard vitamin D referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”. What is vitamin D? But do you know why? Similar to how plants absorb light and convert it into energy, our skin absorbs UV-B… [Read More]

Air Purifier

“Indoor levels of pollutants may be two to five times — and occasionally more than 100 times — higher than outdoor levels” quote from The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) While many people focus on outdoor air when they hear ‘air pollution’, you may be surprised to… [Read More]

Is it Food Allergy or Intolerance?

Bloated tummy? Brain fog? A pounding head? If mysterious symptoms appear hours or even days after you eat certain foods, maybe you are experiencing food intolerance? You may ask yourself if you have food allergies. Let’s look at the difference.… [Read More]