"Fifty Shades..." Book

The love affair with bread doesn’t have to be so ridden with guilt and deprivation…

Choosing to eat or not eat grains isn't so black and white. There are many shades of gray to consider when choosing which ones to avoid and what ones may be safe and healthy to consume.

This book offers convincing evidence from both the scientific community, wisdom of our ancestors and observing what living centenarians are displaying to see that consuming the right kind of grain products can actually help you live a longer and healthier life: But eating the wrong ones can cause premature aging and many illnesses.

Find out what kind of grains you can choose right now even though you don't live in the olden days or in a bubble. Discover how to use the healthy secrets of our ancestral wisdom and apply these practices to eating and living healthier in our modern world. And finally eat and enjoy real food without feeling deprived or guilty.

After reading this book, you will no longer be confused and conclusively know about which breads and grains to eat and in the proper amounts.
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There is something very powerful when two experts, who seemingly hold different approaches around consuming grains and gluten, connect and have a productive, meaningful and respectful conversation.

Dr. Tom O’bryan, foremost authority on gluten sensitivity and I are interestingly in alignment about this polarizing subject.

Gluten sensitivity is real. So many suffer from Celiac.

It is not gluten and gluten alone isn’t fix for all.

It is not bread or grains per se that is the culprit behind so many autoimmune disorders.

<br />It’s a combination of all the things done to modern and other industrialized grains.

It is all the “Fifty Shades” of gray that is involved in making the bread: from seed to methods processing to preparing it for baking.

Number one step in being able to consume this food that has the potential to be so nourishing is to have a healthy gut.

You don’t have to deprive yourself and feel guilty.

Read all about how you can have your bread and eat it too….if you gut is healthy to receive the nutrients.

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