Speaker. Author. Holistic & Intuitive Nutritionist.   Certified Energy Healer.  Ancient Wisdom Seeker.  Blue Zones Researcher. Longevity Specialist.  Dancer.

Hi, I’m Caroline  (Kah-roh-leen) 

I often hear from modern women who are incredibly busy and overwhelmed that it is impossible to live vibrantly and do it in a way that is natural, effective and practical.

I am here to show you that difficult menopause and perimenopause symptoms are NOT “a normal part of aging” like we have come to believe or your doctors might have told you.

Don’t settle for sleepless nights, fatigue, weight gain, flabby belly, mood swings, foggy brain, night sweats, low libido, joint pain.

Get into balance
without resorting to chemically-based ,
potentially dangerous prescription or over-the-counter drugs.
Without chasing after your health.

I am a Holistic and Intuitive Nutritionist and Healer specializing in longevity and balancing hormones. I incorporate energy healing methods in her root-cause resolution approach to imbalances of the body. I am certified in Cranial Sacral healing and Scientific Foundations of Holistic Nutrition as well as “Completion & Correction Healing®” (CCH™) energy healing method

My approach to healing is rooted in traditional and ancient nutrition wisdom and energy medicine to help body, mind and spirit return to balance and well-being.

I travel the world and bring back treasures full of wisdom from ancient cultures, diets, lifestyle, and religions.

My work is devoted to sharing the world’s best practices,

— evidence based and rooted in ancient wisdom —

to help activate your innate healing power from within to live a balanced, vibrant and happy life.

I have spent the better part of a decade traveling and working in collaboration with top researchers observing, studying and gathering secrets from centenarians in the Blue Zones which are living laboratories. Centenarians are people who live over 100 years and exist with vitality.

Unlike longevity “experts” who endorse other experts’ endorsements without even visiting and truly observing traditional wisdom from old cultures around the world, I go beyond studying data about them or trying to confirm an already existing agenda.

Throughout my research I noticed that unlike the modern woman who violently enters menopause, the typical centenarian woman eased gently into this beautiful phase of her life.  They followed common traditional practices.

I distilled this knowledge down to 7 Natural Laws in their pure state.

The principles within the information  I share are universal, sacred and ancient. They are NOT fads or trends. They transcend culture, time and location.

My mission is to share the unadulterated wisdom I am gathering from BlueZone Centenarians and cultures that practice traditional wisdom ….and share it with you in a way that is applicable within this modern world. I am not talking from a high ivory tower. I myself live in the modern world with all of its challenges….AND opportunities….just like you have.

My Mission

....to help conscious beings remember and recall the forgotten commandments to help their body’s innate and divinely designed ability to be healthy, vibrant and happy using universally accepted, timeless, and immutable Natural Laws.

My hope is to impact the shift of the collective to the next level of consciousness; To bring light into this world one being at a time.

Ask yourself.....

Are you ready to take charge of your health and find out how to start feeling happy, thinking clearly, managing weight effortlessly, having a healthy sexy libido, feeling vibrant, having strong bones and joints, attaining shiny healthy hair and skin, all while feeling and looking YOUR best.

If you are serious about re-learning and activating your innate healing abilities....

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