30 Minute Session

30 Minute Session

Are you looking for guidance regarding your physical, spiritual or emotional health?

This 30 minute appointment is for those who have a few questions about their symptoms or who are interested in enrolling in one of my courses or coaching programs.

By the end of the call, you’ll receive clarity around what your body needs, find out what is getting in your way.

 Walk away with a plan customized to your needs that you can implement right away.

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3 simple, fast, effective, and profound Breathwork techniques to detox like coffee enema without the coffee or enema, clear mind and become heart centered.

Which Fats to Eat, Which to Ditch” visual cheat sheet

Two chapters of  book  endorsed by Sally Fallon- president of Weston A Price Foundation and Professor Michel Poulain- BlueZone Demographer



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Which Fats to Eat.

Which Fats to Ditch.