#1 International Best Selling author brings the secrets of hormone balance to the modern woman.

caroline on Sage stage speaking

Caroline delivers decades of expertise plus genuine enthusiasm for teaching audiences the wisdom of natural, practical and effective solutions to balancing hormones. 

She founded Happy Hormones Program to bring the world’s best practices to create a balanced life for the modern woman. The information is evidence based and rooted in ancient wisdom. 


"Your interview with Dr. Nandi was uplifting and enlightening - you were excellent!" 

Lora P~ Lead Producer & Project Development of AskDrNandi Show

    …… ” Caroline Angel is a bright light in this world.  She’s personable, passionate, uplifting, intelligent and very caring.  She has a wealth of information to share and strives to guide women through personal health issues.”

Besides the absolutely fascinating topic matter of real blue zones and what centenarians actually eat, she brought a fun, vibrant energy to the interview that can be hard to find these days. She prepares. The flow and timing was good….not too short…not too long. It was just  right. 

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and if you’re looking for a topic expert or guest speaker, I highly recommend Caroline!


Theo Lucier ~ Host of the Burnout Summit & the Underground Health Summit


“Caroline is a great interviewee.

Her story is quiet amazing. Besides her content which is spot on, she is an amazing guest.

She makes it fun and is very energetic. Love to interview people like Caroline because she makes my job easy.”

Dr. Josh Handt~Lifestyle Locker

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