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Here are some Frequently Asked and Answered Questions 
Q: I didn’t get or I lost my password.

A: From past experience, most support tickets were related to login-in issues that had to do on viewers end. 

  1. For some it went to their junk mail. Please check your Spam/Junk folder
  2. To retrieve your password, please check your email with  subject line: of either:  "Congratulations! Your All Access Pass Is Ready!" if you upgraded to All Access Pass or  " Congratulations! You've registered for the Re-awaken Masterclass!" if you registered for free Limited Access.
  3. And then there are  those who have yahoo account, it is an age old problem that we all keep hearing about. IF that is the case, it is outside of our control or doing.  Email us, we will attempt to resend to you on a timely basis. Best time to troubleshoot is BEFORE the event. So please check your email to confirm you have received the login information and be sure to save it somewhere for easy access. And of course, test it out to be sure you can access the gifts.  We  encourage you to register with a non yahoo account.
Q My password isn’t working?

A: We have been testing various username and password to login and everything works just fine. Did you try making sure there are no spaces after your email or password?  Sometimes extra space is created when you copy and paste.

I look forward to seeing you in the masterclass...woot woot!