Chia Pudding

This Chia Pudding is a breakfast of champions. The whole milk (whether raw whole cow’s milk, whole coconut or almond milk) will give you the proper fat to sustain your energy for hours. The chia seeds are rich in dietary… [Read More]

Sweet And Sour Gummies

Sweet and Sour Gummies recipe
Here is an easy, delicious and fun recipe to make gummies full of vitamin C and gelatin. Traditional gummy bears are loaded with corn syrup, artificial colors and other health-harming ingredients. Here is a health conscious version which uses grass-fed… [Read More]

Peppermint Black Bean Chocolate Cake/Brownie

Peppermint Black Bean Brownie
My daughter gets requests all the time to make this special recipe. It is not a replacement for your nutritious meals. However, the amount of nutrients added with beans help devour this delicious desert guilt free. Let me know if… [Read More]

Power Chocolate Milk

Raw milk is rich in health promoting nutrients. Making a chocolate drink out of real wholesome ingredients just makes an already super food into an extraordinary one. If you are vegan, you can substitute it with a clean Almond milk.… [Read More]

Ghosts and Pumpkins

Halloween can be such a stressful time for parents who wish to limit refined foods and sugar. Read my Healthy Halloween post  to find practical solutions to see ideas on easy, fun and actually healthy halloween treat recipes. I share… [Read More]

Vanilla Pudding

Although we don’t eat much sweets, when we do, we make sure it is as unrefined and with real whole non-gmo ingredients. Here is a yummy vanilla pudding recipe that is (as always) easy to make. ***See Video Tutorial ***………….… [Read More]

“Nutella” Guilt Free

After being on vacation in Europe, and seeing Nutella everywhere, my family was ready for a healthy substitute. Creamy, sweet, and just like the original. This recipe is quick and easy to make and will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Loaded… [Read More]