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PDF | Theodore Lucier
5G Solutions
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Four step program of take-you-by-the-hand actions you can do TODAY to guard your health against 5G.

*The Best Supplements To Defend Your Cells Against EMF damage

*The “Soviet Scare” of Millimeter Waves The CIA Knew About

*The 26 “Slow Kill” Diseases of EMF’s Hidden By The Telecom Industry

*This Common Nutrient Reverses blood harmed by EMF

*Learn Simple Steps To Turn Your Home Into An Energy Oasis

PDF | Dr. David Shirazi
Sleep Hygiene Tips
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In this PDF, you will learn: 

What foods and beverages to avoid before bedtime

How to reduce man made EMF, artificial light and noise disturbances

Lifestyle habits that support sleep

What kind of environment and temperature is optimal for sleep

What to do first thing in the morning and during the day to help you get restful sleep.

Includes a sample and blank sleep diary to help you keep track and monitor your progress.
Audio and PDF| Mika Shoemaker
Meditation for restful Sleep
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In this MP3 audio, Mika guides us through a  meditation using breath in a gentle way to assist you in gently and deeply falling asleep.

Set aside your worries and incessant thoughts so you can relax immediately and peacefully drift off to sleep.

Mika is also offering Breathwork for Wellness PDF outlining a breath technique to help you relax in just 5 minutes to help you improve sleep, reduce anxiety  and cravings

Booklet | Dr. Sinatra
vibration-raising activities
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In this ebook, you’ll learn:

That everything is vibrational and impacts your vibration;

Which foods and diet are high vibrational, and which are low vibrational;

How to use your mind and emotions to raise your vibration and reduce stress;

How EMF, other environmental toxins, and grounding affect your vibration; and

About other health benefits you can gain through high vibrational living.

Action Plan: 4 pathways to “travel” each day with vibration-raising activities
Bonus Video | Mika Shoemaker
3 More Breathwork Techniques
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Facilitator extraordinaire, Mika,  showing us THREE  profound, simple, fast,  and effective techniques designed:

  • To get into a balanced state physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • To help us become more aware of our body
  • To help us shift our  state of body and mind into healing
  • to help with digestion and open up elimination pathways using breathwork that works like “Coffee Enema” without the coffee or enema.
  • To help calm racing thoughts and adrenals.
  • To activate the heart by expanding  the energetic field of your heart.   
  • To open up a communication channel to spirit to gain insight, divine knowing, wisdom, emotional freedom and ultimate self healing.

Booklet | Nick Pineault
Quick and Rational Guide on 5G Radiation
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This guide booklet is designed to help reduce your electrosensitivity. You will learn:

What is the rational truth about 5G— the “non-tinfoil” version

Should you be worried? Reassured?

What independent science says on how 5G might impact your health?

How soon can you expect 5G to be rolled out in your city?

5 easy steps you can take to dramatically reduce your EMF exposure and minimize your risks
Booklet| Dr. Tom Cowan
Breaking the Spell
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Dr. Cowan's new book "Breaking the Spell", serves as a follow-up to his “ The Conta­gion Myth”.

If you are open minded, curious and inquisitive about what Dr Cowan shared on the interview, then you'd definitely be interested to read his latest book where Dr. Cowan provides new information to sup­port his claim that the existence of virus is unproven and that no convincing evidence exists to indicate that the cellular structures called “viruses” are pathogens

Module 1 | Diane Kazer
Warrior Cleanse
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This is a holistic approach helps you cleanse the toxins that make you sick, nourish your body and help body Self-heal symptoms. And transform your life from the inside out.  In this module, Diane is gifting you:

Blockers CheckList - TOXINS to eliminate

14 Day DETOX Diet Recommendations

Supplement Recommendations in the Proper Order

Advanced Body Hacks to Eliminate Symptoms

Tons of resources for self study 

Top 10 Toxins ebook
Time-Stamped Highlights
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These time-stamps with make the Masterclass videos user-friendly, so you can navigate crucial information and find topics that interest you quickly and easily.