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Some bloopers and testimonials ...just for fun and consideration

DAY 2 ~ 2023 Masterclass
Water and Hydration

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Gina Bria
Anthropologist, TedEx speaker, Author 
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Gina, who studies desert communities will help us understand how awe inspiring we are divinely designed by sharing with us:

What IS water?....beyond the H20 narrative

What is 4th phase water and how that matters to us

What would change if we understood we are more water than material?

What surprising factors dehydrate us.

What are five ways to hydrate not widely known, but widely practiced by indigenous populations?   It isn’t guzzling 8 glasses of water.

Dr. Tom Cowan
Duke University graduate doctor
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We go much deeper than we did in 2022.
To listen to this masterclass, you need to be  open minded and hearted.....willing to set aside your core beliefs, medical establishment, scientific methodologies, and core beliefs enslaving us to the modern ill care system.

In this masterclass, we learn:

How are we a living crystal?

What are the forces that destroy the healthy formation of water and thereby create the conditions for disease to arise.

What kind of water should we look for to drink, bath, garden with etc?  
How to structure water?

Tom, as usual, will blow your mind with his critical thinking thought provoking yet common sense ideas starting with:
What is inside our cells?

He shared some things that is mind blowing specifically about DNA, Genes, what is inside our cells…... So good.

His shocking answer to my burning question. If say an mRNA experimental injection which was designed to alter our body or transmit it to another human, is it possible that WE have the power within us – being 99% living crystal- to reshape back to how we were divinely designed.

Professor Gerald Pollack
Water scientist and biomedical engineer
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Author of "The Fourth Phase of Water," and a world-renowned expert in the field of water science, professor Gerald will help us understand how this 4th phase of water is key to understanding the many magical powers it possesses and the unknown phenomenon that happen in the body.

In this masterclass, you will learn:
How the accepted framework stating that there are only 3 phases of water: sold, vapor, liquid deadwrong.

He will show us what is the concept of Exclusion Zone (EZ) water  and how this liquid crystal in our cells lights up a light build.

How EZ water is synonymous with 4th phase water, structured water and liquid crystal.

How this EZ water creates Charge Separation that generates massive power within us.

We may be 2/3 water by volume, we are 99% water on a molecular level.

Our body is intricate but the fundamental principles of operation is simple. Mother Nature doesn’t operate based on abstract mathematics.

He explains how infrared energy is critical in building EZ water and unlikely source so infrared energy.

He shares with us how Sun, Earth and Minerals connect us to the source of energy that recharge our batteries.

Veda Austin
Crystallographer, water researcher
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Veda has dedicated 0ver 10 years observing and photographing the life of water.

In this Masterclass, Veda will share:

Unbelievable Crystallographic photographs and videos showing water’s intelligence, where the unseen becomes seen in this freezing stage.

How water responds to words, answers questions, comprehends faces, expresses our emotions and apparent comprehension of life.

What is this H3O2  and how it acts as a battery.

How our body is our temple caring for the Holy water within us that is our own medicine.

Water WANTS to build a relationship with us.

Water is a liquid antenna. Water as a sophisticated form of communicator, our messenger.

How to connect to water’s pure foretelling abilities.

Connection between salt and the liquid crystal within us. And how the war on salt is cutting off our life force.

Veda shares the signature patterns of different kinds of water: rain, tap water, filtered water so we can see the health of it.

Special fabric that helps build EZ water

A special bottle that helps remove traumatic memories from water.

We are walking liquid crystal solar panels.

John Stuart Reid
Acoustic Pioneer
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A pioneering acoustics engineer, John Stuart Reid is a man on a mission to educate and inspire the world in the field of cymatics, the study of visible sound.

Through his specifically designed CymaScopic instrument, a device that makes sounds visible, John has shown when you imprint sound onto water, it not only changes the structure on the surface of the water, but it also organizes all the molecules with sound.  

In this masterclass, John shares:

Sound gives birth to light, which in turn gives birth to this EZ water.

Reveal how we are water/electrical beings.

Our cells generate electricity from EZ water.

The connection between blood, music and longevity.

The Goldie Lock Zone of decibels. How listening to high quality music, you can repair dying red blood cells and help body slow the rate at which you age, massively reducing chronic inflammation- within a few weeks to 0) and also give your body a sexual boost.

Surprisingly why classical music creates the least number of viable red blood cells.

Tells us how electron flow in arteries and veins is built by Exclusion Zone water

Every biochemical reaction including every thought, every intention you hold, every prayer is creating sound which help our cells create EZ water.

Why movement is important part of creating EZ water.

How food powers these biochemical reactions and how and why it matters what you eat.

The power of dowsing to locate items otherwise impossible to find.

He will explain why vortexed and warmed water is better assimilated by our body, and thereby optimizing the functionality of our cells which in turn help energize us

He will show us the specific step by step technique of how to create high electrical voltage multi-layer EZ structured water with simple vortexing tool you can find in your kitchen. It is so ridiculously simple you can start making your own structured water without spending thousands of dollars on useless technology.

Will share with us how our bodies miraculously repair with Sound Medicine.

Dr. Barre Lando 
Physician, Bioterrain specialist 
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Barre will help us understand how our body is a microcosm. He will show us how to play with all the ether elements to enhance our ability to use the universal canvas and create our own matter/experiences and become a more efficient powerful spiritual being we were divinely designed.

He reveals the foundational source of EZ water by taking us through a journey where we see how it ALL starts with consciousness which sparks thought which sparks the electric vector which births sound thereby sparking light/heat which produced EZ water.

In this masterclass, Barre shares:
Difference between Scientism and Alchemy.

Molecules don’t exist at least the way chemists think they do.

Talk about the alchemical process that happens in the ethers with the four elements that creates nutrients in the atmosphere.

What lessons can we learn from Breatharians if we are not willing to give up the joy of eating food.

How is guzzling too much water dangerous.

EVERYTHING is a state of water that has been fixated.

How to move body towards being a Super Conductor where it doesn’t need that much fuel input to derive all the energy it makes to thrive.

What comes out of your mouth is more important than what goes in like food or drink.

How it ALL starts from consciousness.

Water is the most potent healing medicine

How to have water and other elements in our bodies obey our COMMAND to produce the desired outcome.  This is Alchemy 101.

He shares Ayurvedic wisdom of using salt during hot season to cool down the body.

Barre explains the infinite abundance of Primary water.

Linda Cooper 
Investigative Journalist 
Linda Cooper is an investigative journalist specializing in highlighting overlooked “common denominator” for the longevity phenomenon in the Blue Zones.

She shares her recent travel to Sardinia, Italy, one of the Blue Zones-  to further investigate her theory which could be one overlooked reason behind the phenomenon for why the centenarian men of Central Sardinia live as long as the region’s centenarian women.
This could also explain why Centenarian women I interviewed in Sardinia didn’t go through the violent menopause symptoms we so many women living in the modern world do.

In this masterclass, Linda shares:

The correlation between the Blue Zone regions and their proximity to the Geothermal water hot spots.

Why is this obvious region’s environmental geothermal factor overlooked?

What do Geothermal Waters have to do with increasing potency of the soil making the nutritional factor in the foods grown on it or grazing on it on steroids.

What is Heat shock proteins that increases the potency and benefits of food 10 fold, increase cellular function and optimize immune response

We discuss solutions around hormonal imbalances specifically menopause symptoms.

Why is Wild Thistle the holy grail of all herbs

She will share how we can mimic Heat Shock Response without moving to one of the Blue Zones using infrared light, cold water therapy, mineral bath soaks.

Theodore Lucier
Detox specialist
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Theo shares about water from a detox perspective.  He shares the low effort and high payoff ways to support body’s native healing intelligence to combat man-made toxins (in water or otherwise) that affect our liquid crystal fourth phase gel in our cells.

Once again, Theo shares a ton of new healthful AND actionable information. Some of this ancient knowledge is so forgotten that it may seem very scary as though it is brand new practice.

In this masterclass, Theo shares:

What is Dry Fasting

How is it different than water fasting which is cannibalizing eating muscles and organs.

How Dry Fasting – which is not eating OR drinking (done properly) - is actually hydrating , creating metabolic water, converting fatty acids to water increasing urine output!

Why did Russian scientists call Metabolic water produced from Dry Fasting “The Water of Life”

Why and how is Dry Fasting the single most effect AND SAFE
pushing out decades of metabolic toxins, breaking down scar tissues, fats and tumors and using it as energy? Sound SO contrary to popular belief.

Dry Fasting, done properly, is like a free stem cell infusion.

How is Dry fasting the quickest way to lower your deuterium levels

How does DRY fasting create structured water in the body?

What is Zeta Potential and how it helps you get better blood circulation, nutrient delivery and waste removal?

Why are minerals so important for the water gel in our cells to operate optimally?

A 64 million-year-old bioavailable electrolyte that adds electrical charge, structures water, hydrates your cells, clears out toxins.

Interesting historic facts about the man-made chemical fluoride and how to combat it

Step Sinatra
Grounding/Earthing specialist
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Step helps us unearth another forgotten wisdom and see how the secret to the universe is right in front of our face and all around us.

Step will connect how grounding and specifically earth’s Schumann Resonance helps structure water to form this EZ liquid crystal allowing the semiconductor proprieties of fascia and cell membranes to work more efficiently.

In this masterclass, Step will share:

What did the Greece Blue Zone get wrong?

ALL the validated BlueZones have abundant source of electrons from the ocean and the waves pounding generating negative ions in the air.

Surprisingly how little water the Greek Centenarians drink.
How else do these Centenarians hydrate?

How Scientism is slowing down our acceleration of consciousness.

Why are we waiting for and relying on the wrong diagnosis?

Why are Minerals and Salt SO important in this equation and how water and salts play with each other.

Water  is an information carrier, holds and conducts charge. Water has memory. It is a feedback loop. The water gives off frequency.  Frequency is resonating with the field.  The field then responds to frequency.  
How what we think about AND feel changes water structure accordingly.

Changing your thoughts affects the reality immediately.

Taylor and Shehera
Sound Healers 
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Shehera and Taylor will help draw the powerful omnipresent connection between sound AND the liquid crystal within

In this masterclass, Shehera and Taylor will educate us about

What is Sound Healing, its history, and understand the role of sound in the future of medicine and healing.

How does Sound vibrations impact the molecular structure of water within our us and help shape healthy water crystals in our cells

A dominant frequency sounds lifts the lower or weaker frequency and thereby help us function at our optimal level.

What is 7 Inner Waters and its relation to sound the affects of which cause rejuvenation, re-alignment, and healing and access frequency of higher vibrations such as love, joy, gratitude, and spirit.

And what do reproductive fluids, saliva, constipation, sweat, tears and blood have to do with our Chakras?

How sound helps shape healthy water crystals in our cells

What do water crystals within our cells have to do with our health?

How is Sound related to primordial waters, origin of the world and how the cosmos were created and the essence of creation per ancient scripture.

Structured water within us contains all the knowledge, all the akashic of the planet.

The many benefits of sound healing:  reducing stress, releasing stuck emotions and pain, improving concentration and creativity, and inducing relaxation.
Release of stuck emotions and pain
Enhances overall well-being by reducing stress, improving concentration and creativity, and inducing relaxation.
Assess frequency of higher vibrations such as love, joy, gratitude, and spirit

Learn about a powerful and easy to implement tools to help yourself or your clients if you are a practitioner.

Dr. Steve Sinatra
Cardiologist, grounding specialist
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What is Earthing/Grounding?

What kind of negative effects does EMF have on our bodies?

What are some of the things that move us away from being grounded?

Why is it the perfect anti-inflammatory and pain remedy?

What is the most surprising benefit of grounding/earthing?

How does grounding/earthing impact a woman’s hormones?

What kind of negative effects does EMF have on our bodies?

What are some of the things that move us away from being grounded?

What are some simple…right beneath-our-feet.. solutions to connecting from the ground source.

Caroline Angel 
Host, Longevity expert 
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The What and why
• What is the concept of bio-Terrain
• What causes symptoms?
• Why are we collectively hung up on labeling imbalances?
• What are 5 categories of things that cause imbalance in the body.
• What does Old scripture say about what is a temple, what is the purpose of our temple and what we need to do to rebuild the temple.
• What is our connection to crystal

The How:
• How to avoid/minimize getting sick or out of balance?
• How does one allow the 12 meridian system to resonate with the external environment?
• How do the 7 natural laws help body protect body against imbalances? Herbs, Vitamin D, Gounding, Forest, Sun, Moon Nature
What if outer space is not a void, but instead has substance, an “aether” that has healing properties that may be of tremendous benefit to us?

Gifts for 2023
All Access Masterclass Pass
Article | John Stuart Reid 
Sound Therapy 201
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Read More
Sound Therapy 201 focuses on revealing the biological mechanisms by which sound and music trigger the body’s healing response.

In over 40 pages, including 
high quality illustrations, John Stuart Reid authoritatively describes, in easy to understand language, how sound frequencies and music support the body’s healing mechanisms, mediating pain, reducing chronic inflammation, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, boosting the immune response, and even slowing aging. An important article for all who wish to learn about how sound and music heals, naturally.

PDF | Veda Austin 
Guide to Crystallography Technique 
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Read More

This PDF will take you through every step of Veda's CMP (Collective Molecular Photography) process.  It covers - water measurements, the kind of water Veda recommends,  how long to freeze for and at what temperature, how to identify the correct stage to remove the sample, and how to photograph the crystallograpghy. Veda has also given suggestions about mindset and connection with water and covers  commonly asked questions.

ebook | Theodore Lucier
Fluoride Facts Guide
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Read More

13 Fluoride Health Facts That Will Shock You

100-Year-Old Secret Finally Revealed: The Story Fluoride in Our Water Supply

A Straight to the Point, 1-step Fluoride Masterclass

They knew! 4 Remarkable Quotes on Fluoride from Unexpected Sources.

Why are “They” Doing This?

Simple Steps for Fluoride Detox

The #1 “Secret” Mineral to Take for Fluoride Detox-HINT: It’s CHEAP

Why You Should Do a Liver Cleanse

Discount Code | Dr. Tom Cowan
10% Discount
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Dr. Tom Cowan is generously gifting 10% off most products. Code will be provided upon upgrade.

Paperback Book  | Step Sinatra 
Get Grounded, Get Well
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Read More

Late Dr. Sinatra, who was a well known and loved cardiologist and who was a speaker in the 2022 Masterclass about Grounding, wrote his final book: "Get Grounded, Get Well", co-authored with his son, Step.


What a great way to make sure that Dr. Sinatra’s legacy lives on.

"Get Grounded Get Well" is the latest and last book by renowned Integrative Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, and is co-authored by his son Step Sinatra, also a Grounding expert.
Grounding, or Earthing, is the simple act of connecting to the nourishing, natural electromagnetic energy of the Earth’s surface. We’ve instinctively done it for centuries, but researchers have only recently discovered its numerous health benefits which include but not limited to:

  • Energy restoration
  • Heightened “feel-good” endorphins
  • Improved blood circulation 
  • Better sleep
  • A calmer heart rate
  • Balanced nervous system
  • Better heart rate variability
  • Faster wound healing; and
  • Reduced inflammation - the culprit behind many of today’s rising health problems, including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic pain.

Step also delves into what may be the best-kept secret of long-living “Blue Zone” residents. 

Video | Taylor and Shehera 
Sound Bath Experience
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Read More

Shehera Mocellin and Taylor Barnes, Sound Bath Healer extraordinaires, curated the most magical sound bath healing recording specifically for this Masterclass to help activate the liquid crystal power with us.

They creating a healing journey using alchemy of a variety of Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, Didgeridoo, ambient soundscapes and other rare instruments.

This amazing experience offers deep healing on a cellular level, opening up the energy centers, cleansing negative energy and emotions, breaking old, unwanted patterns of behavior and subconscious fears and resetting the physical, emotional and mental body into perfect peace and harmony.

Video/Article| Linda Cooper 
Blue Zone Travel Episodes
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Read More

Linda is sharing 2 videos and an article with detailed references in an organized fashion- to help you from searching for them- supporting the connection between this special water from Geothermal Springs, Longevity and Blue Zones.

Listen to Linda sharing with Poulain a discovery she made finding a Blue Zones “common denominator” which is discussed in detail in the show episode (video).

See reference article providing detailed information and references supporting Linda’s Geothermal Springs connection to Blue Zone Longevity  theory (article with references) 

Watch Linda’s travel to Sardinia to further investigate her Blue Zone’s theory and to find out why the centenarian Sardinian men live as long as the centenarian Sardinian women. An unheard of phenomenon not found in any other Blue Zone or throughout the world (video).

PDF  | Gina Bria
5 Ways to Hydrate You've Never Heard of
Divider Text

Guzzling 8 glasses a day is  flash-flooding our systems in as little as 10 minutes And flushing out the very nutrients and electrolytes.

Gina shares her findings from desert communities on 5 surprising yet joyful and practical ways to hydrate in our ever-more dehydrating world, without Drinking Ever-more water.


DAY 1 ~ 2022 Masterclass
Rob Mack
Ivy League educated positive psychology expert
Read More
Mind’s thoughts are an important part of one’s wellness and crucial to making the difference between seeing results or staying frustrated.
Rob, Ivy League educated positive psychology expert shares his practical formula for ultimate happiness which starts with mental mastery by helping us:

How to activate your brain to receive life-giving wisdom

Prepare our mind and drop into the clear thought space

Letting go of toxic mental thoughts and fears that hold us back from taking actions that serve our highest good.

Bring in positive thoughts and  become receptive to life giving information so you can live a healthier and longer life.

Easy, effortless yet powerful practices like Micro and moving meditation to deafen the outside noise so we can hear the inside noise. The art and science of being in flow state, not by force but by the spirit of Source/God

Dr. Tom Cowan
Duke University graduate doctor
Read More
To listen to this masterclass, you need to be  open minded and hearted.....willing to set aside your core beliefs, medical establishment, scientific methodologies, and core beliefs enslaving us to the modern ill care system.

In this masterclass:

You will hear about viral theory like you have never been taught before.

You will begin to inquisite the existence of virus and that it causes disease?

Are viruses causing diseases?
What is the relation of exosomes to our health?

You will learn what makes people sick? what is the cause of imbalance or dis-ease?

Discover what are we made of?

Why could knowing what we are made of affect us, our lives and how we move through life.

How to avoid/minimize getting sick or out of balance?

Dr. David Shirazi
Sleep specialist, acupuncturist & dentist
Read More
Learn about:
Arousal index, environmental and lifestyle factors that cause bad quality of sleep.

Find out how disturbances like snoring, hot flashes, a noisy bed partner, light, EMF, or sleep apnea makes our body shift from being in balance to imbalance state.

Learn how lack of quality sleep affects all of our systems including neurological, endocrine, immune and digestive systems leading to more serious conditions.

Find out how quality sleep promotes healthy skin, hair, mood, energy and overall health.

Learn practical sleep hygiene tools to help you get the necessary sleep your body is so desperately needing.

Step Sinatra
Grounded ex wall street trader
Read More
Step will speak about the spiritual and divine connection and healing side of aligning with earth’s frequencies

We are going to review What is the principle of Earthing/Grounding?

How is man made EMF, toxic food and toxic water affecting our mental/spiritual and energetic bodies?

What is the relevance of intuition in this conversation?

What is the connection of Earthing to harnessing the power of our Mind and Intuition?
Why should we pay attention to our mind and intuition when we have so many stressors  to worry about?

How will grounding the whole body help us?

How to integrate the spiritual world within the modern context.

Step will share Free, simple and easy actual specific tools that harmonize balance into the energy field. He will share simple and effective grounding techniques and hacks to mitigate the negative effects of man-made EMF.

Miriam Gomez
Meditation facilitator
Read More
To deal with all the stressors in our lives, we need to be healthy, vibrant and ready, strong, focused physically, emotionally and energetically SO that we CAN take care of family and loved ones.  We need to relief stress fear and anxiety. Relax our nervous system instead of fight or flight. So we can think strategically. We need to have the energy. We need to be creative. Be more focused and pay attention to our selves. Not just physically. So that you can take care of family and loved ones. And as creator God, spirit, divine being, or whatever connection to Source. We have ability with mind and heart to create.

In this masterclass, you will learn the benefits of grounding visualization meditation and And Why is it important to practice that at this time in our lives ?

Miriam will be leading us in a grounding visualization meditation connecting with the earth and our bodies to have focus and get back to center. We will connect with the heart space so that we truly receive all the information that is being shared in all of the masterclasses.

Caroline Angel
Host, Longevity expert
Read More
I will lay the foundation, set the tone and outline what to expect from this masterclass.

I will help you navigate through and utilize the life giving information you are about to embark on. You will learn about the 7 natural laws —the forgotten commandments that a vibrant person operates by to produce extraordinary success in wellness, happiness and productivity—and how they support ALL of your bodies; physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

You’ll hear a little preview about each of the expert speakers and what to expect from each masterclass.

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Craig Shoemaker
The Funniest Male Stand-Up Comic
Read More
In this masterclass, Craig helps us have some fun and lighten up our soul to be open to receiving messages for our highest good.

Craig will guide us through a couple of practical and actionable laughing exercises and help us experience the power of healing properties of laughter for our physical/mental/spiritual well-being

Let the power of laughter:

• release stagnant energy within our physical body

• decrease stress hormones

• increases the flow of immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies.

• relax the whole body

• Boost the immune system

• Trigger the release of endorphins (the feel-good chemical)

• Protect the heart by increasing blood flow

• Burn baby burn.....those calories

Theodore Lucier
Detox specialist
Read More
In this masterclass, you will learn the simple 2 step approach to solving digestive, cognitive, skin, energy and imbalances. Don’t just suppress the symptoms (even with natural remedies). Fix the root cause:

First REMOVE (cellular toxins)
THEN ADD (nutrients…micronutrients)

Learn which and HOW to remove dangerous toxins.
Theo shares many DYI, cheap, low effort with high payoff protocols to remove hard-to-remove toxins …like lead, mercury, cadmium….safely and effectively.
Learn the Liver detox protocol that removes gall stones in 6 days with a cheap ingredient.

Learn what is Vitamin Washout and what causes the vitamins to be flushed out of your system leaving body nutrient-less.

We will talk about what surprising foods give us the most micronutrients, bioavailable iron, Vitamin A, D, K2 and help body detox in the most effective way.

Diane Kazer
Detox specialist
Read More
In this masterclass, Diane will share:

What are the top toxins that are causing inflammation…like arsonist causing flame /nutrient deficiency/ dis-ease/imbalances in our bodies.

And the 3 of those toxins- mental, emotional and belief systems- don’t even take physical form.

How anti-inflammatories remedies put out the fire but fall short of going after the arsonist.

How cleansing and detoxing benefits your hormones, supports your body to repair, give you energy, beautify,  and strengthens your immune system.

The biggest mistakes people may make when detoxing

Diane will share the different ways to remove that S.H.I.T (Stress, Hormone Infections and Toxins) through solutions that are both practical and effective

Nick Pineault
Read More
What is Electro Magnetic Field a.k.a EMF?

What is the difference between Natural vs Manmade EMF?

Why should we care?

How does it impact our hormones, sleep quality and overall health?

How medical doctors are seeing cases of "menopause" that are really electro-sensitivity in disguise. Learn how to recognize the symptoms!

Nick shares practical and delicious remedies that help decrease our exposure to chaotic frequencies and increase our exposure to natural frequencies--- and bring our body back to the balance and serenity it's yearning for.

Dr. Steve Sinatra
Cardiologist, grounding specialist
Read More
What is Earthing/Grounding?

What kind of negative effects does EMF have on our bodies?

What are some of the things that move us away from being grounded?

Why is it the perfect anti-inflammatory and pain remedy?

What is the most surprising benefit of grounding/earthing?

How does grounding/earthing impact a woman’s hormones?

What kind of negative effects does EMF have on our bodies?

What are some of the things that move us away from being grounded?

What are some simple…right beneath-our-feet.. solutions to connecting from the ground source.

Dr. Barre Lando
Physician, Bioterrain specialist 
Read More
The What and why
• What is the concept of bio-Terrain
• What causes symptoms?
• Why are we collectively hung up on labeling imbalances?
• What are 5 categories of things that cause imbalance in the body.
• What does Old scripture say about what is a temple, what is the purpose of our temple and what we need to do to rebuild the temple.
• What is our connection to crystal

The How:
• How to avoid/minimize getting sick or out of balance?
• How does one allow the 12 meridian system to resonate with the external environment?
• How do the 7 natural laws help body protect body against imbalances? Herbs, Vitamin D, Gounding, Forest, Sun, Moon Nature
What if outer space is not a void, but instead has substance, an “aether” that has healing properties that may be of tremendous benefit to us?

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Mika Shoemaker
Breathwork Facilitator
Read More
This is a breathwork workshop.  You may be thinking …breathing!!!  doyee….isn’t that something I do automatically and subconsciously? Why do we need a class on this?!?

In this masterclass, Mika will teach us what is breathwork, why is it important to breath properly, what is proper breathing.

Mika will share with us how proper mindful breathing powerfully shifts your state, alkalizing your body, reduces stress, strengthens immunity, alleviates depression, reduces pain and inflammation, aids detoxing, lowers blood pressure and improves sleep.

Depends on how it is utilized, breathwork technique can be used to increase energy and alertness or sooth and calm

You will learn how to use Breath to get into a balanced state physically, mentally and spiritually.

Mika will demonstrate TWO POWERFUL and practical breathing techniques, one of them is used by navy seals to stay calm and focused in dangerous situations helping make decisions from a centered state.

Professor Michel Poulain
THE Blue Zone demographer 
Read More
Have you heard of the BlueZones?  You may have been curious and impressed by the BlueZones Centenarians who demonstrate longevity. You may have been inspired especially their 90% plant-based diet. You want the true story?  My colleague Professor Michel, THE demographer who identifies and validates Blue Zones and I discuss:

Which are the 4 BlueZones – not 5 as it is being promoted- and which one is a pretend.  Find out the shocking truth of why is the pretend one being promoted as though it is a Blue Zone?

He drops the truth bomb on the BlueZones diet. Discover the shocking lie that has been told enough times that even other researchers are believing this fairy tale to be true. This kind of disinformation is deceitful and harmful. It is perpetuated by other “experts” who use this “data” to support their idea and agenda. It benefits them, not you.  Knowing this will empower you to choose your path wisely and not be duped by those who have an agenda.

We discuss other shared factors/lifestyle that contribute towards the centenarian’s longevity and how we can practically implement in our own lives.

Sally Fallon
President of Weston A Price Foundation 
Read More
In this masterclass, Sally will discuss:

What is Germ Theory? Why is it flawed? And why are we collectively 'virologically illiterate' !

What if “viruses” are actually helpful exosomes, which do not cause disease, but which the body makes in response to toxins, starvation and injury?

She helps draw the connection between 5G technology and the modern epidemic dis-ease.

If not viruses, then what are some of the things that cause dis-ease or imbalance?

Link between symptoms and nutrition deficiencies.

We bust many “common” expert myth of healthy vegetarian/ low fat/ plant based diet.

Sally will share the timeless principles of healthy traditional diets which echo -not surprisingly- the true diet in the identified 4 BlueZones, which house the most Centenarians; people who live over 100 years of age with vitality and longevity.

You will learn many ways to not just protect self from illness and toxicity but to help nourish on a cellular level to allow body to do what is divinely designed to do.

Mark Mcafee
Raw milk rancher
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Mark discusses why raw milk is one of nature’s most perfect foods…the first food of life.

He debunks many ill-informed and agenda driven fear mongering advise against raw milk.

What about the issue of cholesterol?

Anti-inflammatory elements found in raw cheese and raw cream and raw milk?

We talk about the importance of fat-soluble Vitamin A, k2, and D3.

And how other nutrients like iodine and B12 in raw milk products support the immune system, our gut, help balance the hormones and our overall health.

And how do we source safe raw milk especially when it is “illegal” and can’t be found easily in grocery stores?

Joel Salatin
Lunatic Farmer and Homesteader
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Joel shares with us:

What is the huge difference between nutrient dense food from  animals grown on regenerative soil vs toxic  products from animals grown in feedlots also called  (CAFOs) Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations?

How is the meat from CAFO feedlot toxic? How is the meat from a regenerative farm more nutrient dense (vitamins, minerals, enzymes

What ESSENTIAL and key vitamins and benefits does our body receive from animal products that it won’t from vegetables?

How does regenerative ranching/farming help the planet, the animals and us the consumers?

Why raw milk vs pasteurized & homogenized organic milk?

Why is there a war on meat?

We share where to source clean animal products.  And if eating out, what should we look for?

Theodore Lucier
Detox Specialist
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In this Part II, Theo discusses the 2nd part of the simple 2 step approach to solving digestive, cognitive, skin, energy, imbalances and overall poor health.
In Part I, Theo shared the many easy DIY ways to detox effectively.
In this masterclass, Theo discusses the micronutrients needed to be added so that your body can start performing the way it was divinely designed to.

We discuss the importance of receiving micronutrients from clean animal-based products and that the only way to receive some of the nutrients are from animal products.

Gifts for 2022
All Access Masterclass Pass
PDF | Theodore Lucier
5G Solutions
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Four step program of take-you-by-the-hand actions you can do TODAY to guard your health against 5G.

-The Best Supplements To Defend Your Cells Against EMF damage

-The “Soviet Scare” of Millimeter Waves The CIA Knew About

-The 26 “Slow Kill” Diseases of EMF’s Hidden By The Telecom Industry

-This Common Nutrient Reverses blood harmed by EMF

-Learn Simple Steps To Turn Your Home Into An Energy Oasis

PDF | Dr. David Shirazi
Sleep Hygiene Tips
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In this PDF, you will learn:

-What foods and beverages to avoid before bedtime

-How to reduce man made EMF, artificial light and noise disturbances

-Lifestyle habits that support sleep

-What kind of environment and temperature is optimal for sleep

-What to do first thing in the morning and during the day to help you get restful sleep.

Includes a sample and blank sleep diary to help you keep track and monitor your progress.

Audio and PDF| Mika Shoemaker
Meditation for restful Sleep
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In this MP3 audio, Mika guides us through a  meditation using breath in a gentle way to assist you in gently and deeply falling asleep.

Set aside your worries and incessant thoughts so you can relax immediately and peacefully drift off to sleep.

Mika is also offering Breathwork for Wellness PDF outlining a breath technique to help you relax in just 5 minutes to help you improve sleep, reduce anxiety  and cravings

Booklet | Dr. Sinatra
vibration-raising activities
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In this ebook, you’ll learn:

That everything is vibrational and impacts your vibration;

Which foods and diet are high vibrational, and which are low vibrational;

-How to use your mind and emotions to raise your vibration and reduce stress;

-How EMF, other environmental toxins, and grounding affect your vibration; and

-About other health benefits you can gain through high vibrational living.

Action Plan: 4 pathways to “travel” each day with vibration-raising activities

Bonus Video | Mika Shoemaker
3 More Breathwork Techniques
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Facilitator extraordinaire, Mika,  showing us THREE  profound, simple, fast,  and effective techniques designed to:

-Get into a balanced state physically, mentally and spiritually.
-Help us become more aware of our body

-Help us shift our  state of body and mind into healing

-Help with digestion and open up elimination pathways using breathwork that works like “Coffee Enema” without the coffee or enema.

-Help calm racing thoughts and adrenals.

-Activate the heart by expanding  the energetic field of your heart.

-Open up a communication channel to spirit to gain insight, divine knowing, wisdom, emotional freedom and ultimate self healing.
Booklet | Nick Pineault
Quick and Rational Guide on 5G Radiation
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This guide booklet is designed to help reduce your electrosensitivity. You will learn:

-What is the rational truth about 5G— the “non-tinfoil” version

-Should you be worried? Reassured?

-What independent science says on how 5G might impact your health?

-How soon can you expect 5G to be rolled out in your city?

-5 easy steps you can take to dramatically reduce your EMF exposure and minimize your risks

Booklet| Dr. Tom Cowan
Breaking the Spell
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Dr. Cowan's new book "Breaking the Spell", serves as a follow-up to his “ The Conta­gion Myth”.

If you are open minded, curious and inquisitive about what Dr Cowan shared on the interview, then you'd definitely be interested to read his latest book where Dr. Cowan provides new information to sup­port his claim that the existence of virus is unproven and that no convincing evidence exists to indicate that the cellular structures called “viruses” are pathogens

Module 1 | Diane Kazer
Warrior Cleanse
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This is a holistic approach helps you cleanse the toxins that make you sick, nourish your body and help body Self-heal symptoms. And transform your life from the inside out.  In this module, Diane is gifting you:

-Blockers CheckList - TOXINS to eliminate

-14 Day DETOX Diet Recommendations

-Supplement Recommendations in the Proper Order

-Advanced Body Hacks to Eliminate Symptoms

-Tons of resources for self study 

-Top 10 Toxins ebook

Time-Stamped Highlights
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These time-stamps with make the Masterclass videos user-friendly, so you can navigate crucial information and find topics that interest you quickly and easily.
  • Testimonials

    "Your Summit will go down as one of the best this season--and I follow a lot of them!  And your interviewing style and skills rock!
    Many thanks for your excellent, prompt, and personal  customer support, Caroline.”  



  • “I am listening all day to your Aaaamaaazing interviews-both selection and style-and have been challenged to think deeper, especially Barre Lando whom I had been urged to meet several times and visit his lab, but I have never been able.  I can’t thank you enough for your work!   Rest well this night, WELL DONE!”

    Gina Bria, Masterclass speaker, Author, Anthropologist

  • " I have just finished watching all the videos in your free Re-Awaken Masterclass Series and am writing to acknowledge you and thank you for putting together such a wonderful group of speakers.  I derived enormous value from all your guests.
    For years I have continued to research health and nutrition and have listened to most of the Health Summits over the years.  I have to say that your series has by far empowered me the most.  I totally resonate with your philosophy of those of your guests.  A HUGE thank you.  
    You and your guests have helped to give me even more clarity and focus on what I want to create.
    I have visited your website and love your recipes and blogs. "

    Athina G
    Melbourn Australia 

  • “This is thousands of hours of research condensed in a few days. She has picked topics and experts that I may not have accessed or researched otherwise and she asks all the questions as if reading my mind and some, questioning everything and shaking up all assumptions, and looking at things from a different perspective.”

    Adrineh B.

  • “Thank you for the opportunity. I got to watch 1 video and it was mind-blowing, totally resonated! The list of speakers are amazing 💚💚💚”

    Heleen B,

  • "What a fantastic masterclass you have put together. I’m loving the actual blue zone truth. And I loved the positive psychology and the detox help from Theo Lucier"


  • “I enjoyed Rob Mack, and I already try to incorporate a lot of what he said into my life.  My favorite thus far has been Veda Austin. I was totally captivated by what she shared. I have a brand-new respect for water and am going to start showing water gratitude for everything it does! 
    I'm always looking to improve my health, my spiritual relationship with the universe, yoga and meditation, natural ways to stay healthy and heal if necessary. 
    The way the class is presented works well and flows nicely and I can't thank you enough for allowing this to be free!  I look forward to visiting your website to see what else you have going on.”
    Jeanne W. 

  • “This masterclass was absolutely fantastic. I learned so much. Everything seemed new except some of the wisdom that Theo’s shared and that’s because I have done his Notes before.

    I did not know so much about water, its power, and it’s healing properties …and the blue zones and I mean it was incredible. 

    It changed the way I look at myself .

    The Re-Awaken Masterclass taught me so much – from what the different forms of water are, to the impacts on my body and how to improve my health. It’s a wealth of knowledge that will forever change how I treat water in my body, and my health as a whole!"

    Marieke V.

  • “I watched Gerald Pollack and Gina Bria - 2 great interviews.   I had time to watch one more video and decided to watch Veda Austin.  I was so taken with her presentation that I signed up for the Master Class so I could re-visit her information.

    I'm looking forward to watching the Masterclass at my own pace.  This appears to be a great program and I'm glad I upgraded.  Thanks for your offer to help me with any other difficulties I may have.”

  • “My friend Caroline has a gift for curating highly unusual topic experts.
    Her “masterclass” style summits do not rehash the same tired info you’ve heard before.

    Caroline has hosted some really unusual topic experts you don’t usually see “making the rounds” on online events like this.”
    Theo Lucier- Masterclass speaker

  • I am loving this course. You do such an impressive job as you are an intellect and also a charming, beautiful, feminine host, how refreshing.

    Caroline, I have been telling our children and friends for over a year now that I want to live to 150 years old!!! And I saw you said 140!!! Everyone thinks I am crazy, but I believe if we remove the toxins, it is possible. Really appreciate your work, loving the conference, just wrapping mind around EZ water concept. 

    Victoria from Colombia, South America

  • I have watched a few of the masterclasses and I am loving them. Real doable takeaways. 
    Stephanie S 

  • I enjoyed your 2023 Re-Awaken Masterclass.  I discovered valuable information that should be widely known.
    Jack B. Schroeder, Esq.

  • Thank you so much for the free access to the Master classes.  I learned so much.  Because I did not have the time to watch all of the sessions, I upgraded to All Access 2023 Master classes. The sessions I viewed were incredible and I did forward the pass to a friend who was very grateful. Thank you again for putting this together.  I am anxious to hear the other interviews. 
    Drusilla G.

  • I loved this masterclass!

    I listened to most of the interviews the second day and I especially loved the talks by Step Sinatra and Gina Bria and listened to those twice and got a lot of value from them.

    I loved what Step said about the observer effect and changing our thoughts and raising our vibration.

    Douglass R.

  • Thank you for your beautiful line up and topics, I’m a fan of your work :)

  • Infinite gratitude for this powerful and amazing masterclass! I was led to it by John Stuart Reid whose work I have followed for several years as I am deeply interested in Sound healing and the incredible properties of water.
    I was eager to listen to Gerald Pollack who is a reference in a course I followed (in French) about "quantum water". I really enjoyed his talk. My great discovery was Veda Austin, who has a perfect name considering the beautiful person she is. I was already aware of the life force, the qualities and the power of water, but what Veda shared was a true revelation to me. I felt such a deep sense of love towards water that is now truly changing my life. Now I speak to water when I drink, when I take a shower, when I walk along a river or a lake... My heart is full of gratitude.
    Gina Bria also gave some more food for thought...
    I loved Barre Lando's interview, and of course John Stuart Reid who showed even more than what I had already heard and seen from him.
    I enjoyed Tom Cowan, a courageous man who speaks his truth in a world of lies.
    And you Caroline are really good, you conducted the interviews masterfully!
    What an exciting time we are living in when so many discoveries are made possible and a brand new world is unveiled thanks to so many precious people with open minds and vast hearts.
    (Sorry for my strange English which of course is not my mother tongue)
    Warm wishes and again many, many thanks!
    Carla (from Geneva Switzerland)

  • I highly appreciate the work you are doing. We are going to see a new world!

    Arjan v.

  • Thank you for a beautiful Masterclass series!!  🙏 
    A wealth of such great information…I squeezed in watching as much as I could and still digesting it all.  So grateful for the opportunity to learn from Caroline and other experts in the area of healthier living, balance and healing.  The principles shared are, indeed, timeless and living in greater harmony with our earth and her many gifts is key.  Our modern, fast paced, toxic world has lost touch with these gifts and tools, all right in front of us, and Caroline’s masterclass series offers us the possibility to ReAwaken to them.  Thank you Caroline!”
    Karen S.

  • The Re-Awaken Masterclass was amazing!  I was only able to watch the first five interviews.  But within those videos I found multiple pieces of information to assist my clients in their healing paths.  Dr Cowan has always been a huge inspiration to me.  Therefore, with his recommendation, I knew there was value to the Masterclass.  Thank you for bringing credibility to a new (old) way of thinking! 
    Another beautiful piece of info I did not know before was the sound stimulation for the vagus nerve that John Stuart Reid talked about.  Oh, and the idea of nerves communicating through sound.  These concepts will be very beneficial when I work with TBI clients.  I appreciate all the information I can acquire to help these people.  Especially when they are ideas that are free or easily accessible to those who are desperate for help after they have usually exhausted all their funds with the mainstream medical first.  I love giving people a protocol of grounding and sunbathing after being traumatized by the medical industry.  They come back with a huge smile and say how did that work?  This makes my heart sing and I say to them, "isn't God Amazing!"
     Wendy F.

  • I have participated in many summits; this one held such a high frequency and resonance for me and introduced me to quite a few new experts! Well done, Caroline! Your warmth and ease with facilitating the conversations was wonderful!!

    I purchased the All-Access Pass recently and had begun watching the interview sessions with great pleasure. Although I got behind in daily listening early on, I was convinced I needed to purchase.

    Lois W. 

Although there are many luminaries who would love to be part of this, each speaker by selected by design. And Although each speaker brings a unique perspective to the class, our intentions, messages and values line up.  The speakers deeply honor and bring light to:

  • Universally accepted principles and Natural Laws

  • Ancient (yet timeless) and traditional Wisdom that has been tested and proven for centuries and its methodologies are as applicable today in the West as they were thousands of years ago all over the world.

  • The body’s innate divinely designed ability to get back into balance if given the right fuel and protected against harm.

  •  Clearing (Detoxing), Protecting and Nourishing all of our bodies (physical, emotional, mental and energetic).

  • BioTerrain wisdom 

The overall arching topics revolve around all thing that help support the bodies (physical, mental, spiritual and energetic body) to be in balance.

Dozens of the world’s experts and luminaries share powerful solutions.

In 2022, the foundation was set. Experts in the field of nutrition, movement, sleep, Holistic doctors, EMF remediation specialist, breath-work facilitator, and motivational speakers shone the light on their respective subject of expertise.

The 2023 ReAwaken Masterclass will focus on the first natural Laws…Water and hydration: Activating the Crystals Power within Us  .  Luminaries range from Water scientist and biomedical engineer, acoustic pioneer, Sound Bath Healers, Anthropologist specializing in Desert Communities, Duke University doctor, Crystallographer showing intelligence of water,  Detox specialist showing us the single most effect AND SAFE way to detox, Grounding specialist, Godfather of BlueZones,  biological terrain specialist, BlueZone water journalist.

This masterclass will take the listener beyond the superficial regurgitative narrative of the importance of hydration. The source and quality of water we consume (structuring the perfect crystals with our consciousness + making sure it’s clear of toxins and chemicals) is ESSENTIAL.

Join me, Caroline, as I  interview experts as they present Natural, Effective and Practical solutions so that you can recall and reclaim your power as your own healer AGAIN!
Click on each season below to get more details