Unlock YOUR Innate Healing Ability

With ancient healing knowledge grounded in Natural Law

There are hundreds if not thousands of health “summits” out there.

What makes this Re-Awaken Masterclass powerfully unique?

To help recall the forgotten commandments to help our body’s innate and divinely designed ability to be healthy, vibrant and happy using universally accepted, timeless, and immutable Natural Laws.

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Innate Healing Ability is Within

We are spending trillions of dollars to “cure” diseases and imbalances and chasing after our health

........when the answers and solutions are usually simple, practical, free and reside within us.

How would you feel if you KNEW how to operate your divinely designed intricate body to be in self-healing mode ALL the time?

What if you realized you were not only your own best diagnostic doctor but your best healer?

What if you relearned how to perform alchemical magic effortlessly?

What if you could push out decades of metabolic toxins, breaking down scar tissues, fats and tumors and use that “waste” as energy?

All of this is more than possible.

It is.

You CAN be the powerful healing being you were divinely designed by following and operating within the simple 7 natural laws that are joyful.

In these expertly crafted Masterclasses...

Besides lifetime access to these iconic speakers, get instant access to these...

Life-Giving Gifts

-Booklet by Theo sharing his Four step program of take-you-by-the-hand actions you can do TODAY to guard your health against 5G including “Awesome 8“ Micronutrient to Defend Your Cells Against EMF damage

-Sleep Hygiene Tips by sleep specialist Dr. Shirazi

-Audio meditation for better sleep + PDF by Breathwork facilitator Mika

-Vibration Raising Activities book by Dr. Stephen Sinatra

-Bonus Demonstrative “Unlocking your body’s superpower” video with Breathwork Facilitator extraordinaire, Mika,

-Quick and Rational Guide on 5G Radiation by Nick- the EMF Guy

-Booklet “Breaking the Spell” by Dr. Tom Cowan

-The Warrior Cleanse – Free module by Diane Kazer

-2022 TimeStamp notes

-PDF Step by Step Guide to Crystallography Technique by Veda Austin 

-Ebook “Fluoride Facts Guide” by Theo Lucier 

-10% discount off most products on Dr. Tom Cowan shop site 

-Paperback FREE Book “Get Grounded, Get Well” by Step Sinatra (just pay for shipping)

-Sound Bath experience by Shehera Mocellin and Taylor Barnes, Sound Healers

-Videos and articles sharing the overlooked “common denominator” of all the Blue Zones by Journalist Linda Cooper

-PDF “5 Ways to Hydrate You’ve Never Heard of by” Gina Bria

-Article by John Stuart Reid explaining and showing with illustration how sound frequencies and music support the body’s healing mechanisms, mediating pain, reducing chronic inflammation, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, boosting the immune response, and even slowing aging

-2023 Timestamp notes

Everything and the kitchen sink 

BOTH the 2022 and 2023  Masterclass Bonus Gifts 

2022 & 2023 Timestamp

As if all the above isn’t fabulous enough….

With the Bundle Package upgrade, you will receive the BONUS recording of LIVE Q/A with Dr. Tom Cowan and me– A generous gift offered by Dr. Tom Cowan. You will hear answers to burning questions that you may have had yourself. It will be full of additional wisdom not found in the masterclass.

Production value featuring select and coveted luminaries and heavenly curated like this is truly


But if one were to put a price on it, attending an event like this would cost easily over $4300 not including flight and accommodations. Each speaker video is valued over $150.
This is not even including the value of each Bonus gift

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it for one full month. If for some reason it is not to your liking or didn’t help you, get 100% of your money back. I am only able to offer this guarantee

because …

I am confident about the content, the caliber of speakers and the way it was curated to deliver the most powerful set of tools to help you recall and reclaim your self healing powers WITHIN. It really is that simple.

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