Boost your Energy with This Ancient SuperFood

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • all the benefits liver provides IF from a sustainable and reputable source
  • a delish liver recipe that you most likely haven’t tried
  • alternative source of dehydrated liver IF you just can’t acquire a taste for it or sourcing is an issue.

Throughout most of recorded time, humans have regarded liver as a source of great strength and as providing almost magical curative powers. Boost your energy with this ancient superfood.

According to Margaret Gin and Jana Allen, authors of Innards and Other Variety Meats, “liver has ranked as one of the most prized culinary delights. Its heritage is illustrious-whether savored by young warriors after a kill or mixed with truffles and cognac for fine pates de foie gras.”

The long-held tradition of using liver in cooking can be found in almost every cuisine around the world.
Liver is also included in the Eight Delicacies list in The Li-Chi, a Chinese handbook of rituals published during the Han era.

Some cultures place such a high value on liver that human hands can’t touch it.

Although not considered a favorite of the Western palate, organ meats such as liver and the heart are the superfoods of the animal kingdom and are some of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat.

Dr. Weston Price traveled the world studying diets of traditional cultures and found organ meats were nearly universally prized, primarily for their incomparable nutrient content.

Liver is one of the most nutritionally dense foods in existence and nature’s most concentrated source of vitamin A; liver is also abundant in iron, choline, copper, folic acid, B vitamins, purines and natural cholesterol.

The Health Benefits of Liver

  • Nutrient Dense Source of Naturally Occurring High Quality Protein
  • Highest Concentrated Source of Vitamin A Found in Nature
  • High Content of All B Vitamins, especially B12
  • Potent Source of Folate (B9)
  • Highly Bioavailable Form of Iron
  • Good Source of Naturally Occurring Copper, Zinc, and Chromium
  • High Content of Cardio-Vascular Function Boosting CoQ10
  • Helps Repair DNA and RNA
  • An unidentified anti-fatigue factor making it a favorite with athletes and bodybuilders
  • Boosts Energy

Promotes Energy Production

Besides promoting optimal immune function (because of excellent source of vitamin A and Zinc), bone health and better sleep, liver helps promote energy production.

Because liver is a good source of niacin, a vitamin that helps promote blood sugar regulation via its actions as a component of molecule called glucose tolerance factor, it optimizes insulin activity.

It is also a great source of patothenic acid which plays an important role in the prevention of fatigue since it supports the function of the adrenal glands especially in times of stress.

Some people believe that liver stores toxins, when in fact, the liver filters toxins and stores vitamins and minerals. Because of its function, liver is one of the most nutrient dense superfoods in existence.

You can consume it either through making a liver pate yourself or through a supplement form. To get all of the benefits of natural grass fed liver in a convenient capsule, simply choose a high quality undefeated desiccated (dehydrated) beef liver supplement sourced only from healthy and happy cows.

BareFood Angel recommendations

Only consume meat and organs from animals that have been raised sustainably, organically, pastured raised, grass fed and finished (not grain finished like in Confined Animal Feeding Operations a.k.a CAFOs). Animals raised in CAFOs are not only deficient in essential nutrients but also potentially infected with diseases that can put your own health at risk.

Organ meats from grass-fed animals are safe and rich in high quality amino acids, fat, B vitamins and B12, CoQ10, minerals, and “fat-soluble activators” (vitamins A, D and K), important for mineral absorption.

Here is a silky-smooth chicken liver pate that is inexpensive, delicious and simple to make. The chicken livers are briefly simmered in water with aromatics before they’re blended with butter in a food processor. You can create it with beef liver as well.

Alternative Source

Some people don’t like the taste of it and the source can be an issue. What are your alternatives? You can take it in supplement dehydrated form.

Here is a source of dehydrated liver that is trustworthy.

Ounce per ounce, grass-fed beef liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods in the entire world. Dr. Weston A. Price, and healthy cultures throughout history, have praised the amazing health benefits of liver. Though once a kitchen staple and weekly meal, liver has nearly disappeared from the modern diet. With this dehydrated form, you can get all of the nutrients in liver recommended by Dr. Weston A. Price in a convenient capsule supplement.

Nutritional Information

  • 70% Protein by Weight
  • 2.8mg of Naturally Occurring Iron per Serving
  • 969 IU of Naturally Occurring Vitamin A per Serving

Here is the supplement’s amino acid profile:

This dehydrated liver supplement *is obtained solely from healthy free range cattle that feed exclusively on rapidly growing green grass that sprouts from rich Argentinean soil. Perfect cows are raised entirely free of hormones and never come into contact with pesticides, or any other chemical substances.

Resort to alternatives only if you are not able to consume your nutrients from a whole food source.

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