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Energy Work

Watch Becky explain how she healed her "burning" knee pain   ❤️‍🩹  in less than 5 minutes!  

Becky S, Agoura CA

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Re-Awaken Masterclass

"I am listening all day to your Aaaamaaazing interviews-both selection and style-and have been challenged to think deeper, especially Barre Lando whom I had been urged to meet several times and visit his lab, but I have never been able. I can’t thank you enough for your work! Rest well this night, WELL DONE!”
Gina Bria, Masterclass speaker, Author, Anthropologist
“ Your Summit will go down as one of the best this season--and I follow a lot of them! And your interviewing style and skills rock! Many thanks for your excellent, prompt, and personal customer support, Caroline.”
Shira RiverBlessing
“ My friend Caroline has a gift for curating highly unusual topic experts. Her “masterclass” style summits do not rehash the same tired info you’ve heard before. Caroline has hosted some really unusual topic experts you don’t usually see “making the rounds” on online events like this.”
Theo Lucier- Masterclass speaker
“ I have just finished watching all the videos in your free Re-Awaken Masterclass Series and am writing to acknowledge you and thank you for putting together such a wonderful group of speakers. I derived enormous value from all your guests. For years I have continued to research health and nutrition and have listened to most of the Health Summits over the years. I have to say that your series has by far empowered me the most. I totally resonate with your philosophy of those of your guests. A HUGE thank you. You and your guests have helped to give me even more clarity and focus on what I want to create. I have visited your website and love your recipes and blogs. "
Athina G Melbourn Australia
“This is thousands of hours of research condensed in a few days. She has picked topics and experts that I may not have accessed or researched otherwise and she asks all the questions as if reading my mind and some, questioning everything and shaking up all assumptions, and looking at things from a different perspective.”
Adrineh B.
“Thank you for the opportunity. I got to watch 1 video and it was mind-blowing, totally resonated! The list of speakers are amazing 💚💚💚”
Heleen B, Africa
“What a fantastic masterclass you have put together. I’m loving the actual blue zone truth. And I loved the positive psychology and the detox help from Theo Lucier"
“ This masterclass was absolutely fantastic. I learned so much. Everything seemed new except some of the wisdom that Theo’s shared and that’s because I have done his Notes before. I did not know so much about water, its power, and it’s healing properties …and the blue zones and I mean it was incredible. It changed the way I look at myself .The Re-Awaken Masterclass taught me so much – from what the different forms of water are, to the impacts on my body and how to improve my health. It’s a wealth of knowledge that will forever change how I treat water in my body, and my health as a whole!"
Marieke V.
“ I enjoyed Rob Mack, and I already try to incorporate a lot of what he said into my life. My favorite thus far has been Veda Austin. I was totally captivated by what she shared. I have a brand-new respect for water and am going to start showing water gratitude for everything it does! I'm always looking to improve my health, my spiritual relationship with the universe, yoga and meditation, natural ways to stay healthy and heal if necessary. The way the class is presented works well and flows nicely and I can't thank you enough for allowing this to be free! I look forward to visiting your website to see what else you have going on.”
Jeanne W.
“ I watched Gerald Pollack and Gina Bria - 2 great interviews. I had time to watch one more video and decided to watch Veda Austin. I was so taken with her presentation that I signed up for the Master Class so I could re-visit her information. I'm looking forward to watching the Masterclass at my own pace. This appears to be a great program and I'm glad I upgraded. Thanks for your offer to help me with any other difficulties I may have.”
“I am loving this course. You do such an impressive job as you are an intellect and also a charming, beautiful, feminine host, how refreshing. Caroline, I have been telling our children and friends for over a year now that I want to live to 150 years old!!! And I saw you said 140!!! Everyone thinks I am crazy, but I believe if we remove the toxins, it is possible. Really appreciate your work, loving the conference, just wrapping mind around EZ water concept.”
Victoria from Colombia, South America
“I have watched a few of the masterclasses and I am loving them. Real doable takeaways."
Stephanie S
“Thank you for your very valuable transformational course. I discovered valuable information that should be widely known. The video of Veda who communicated with water in its frozen state was a game changer. The thought that water, the elixir of life, can have consciousness is beyond astounding. Her evidence was compelling and shouldn't be disregarded. Now when I drink or bathe in water, I'm aware that I'm interacting with a life form that is both conscious and alive. There were other golden nuggets in your course if one listened closely. Like Barre Lando who remarked that 70% of our life energy comes from our surroundings, and only 30% from food, making the concept of breatharianism even remotely possible. Or Theo who extolled the virtues of dry fasting, as opposed to the commonly held belief in liquid fasting. I could go on and on. ”
Jack B. Esq.
“ Thank you so much for the free access to the Master classes. I learned so much. Because I did not have the time to watch all of the sessions, I upgraded to All Access 2023 Master classes. The sessions I viewed were incredible and I did forward the pass to a friend who was very grateful. Thank you again for putting this together. I am anxious to hear the other interviews.”
Drusilla G.
“ Infinite gratitude for this powerful and amazing masterclass! I was led to it by John Stuart Reid whose work I have followed for several years as I am deeply interested in Sound healing and the incredible properties of water. I was eager to listen to Gerald Pollack who is a reference in a course I followed (in French) about "quantum water". I really enjoyed his talk. My great discovery was Veda Austin, who has a perfect name considering the beautiful person she is. I was already aware of the life force, the qualities and the power of water, but what Veda shared was a true revelation to me. I felt such a deep sense of love towards water that is now truly changing my life. Now I speak to water when I drink, when I take a shower, when I walk along a river or a lake... My heart is full of gratitude. Gina Bria also gave some more food for thought... I loved Barre Lando's interview, and of course John Stuart Reid who showed even more than what I had already heard and seen from him. I enjoyed Tom Cowan, a courageous man who speaks his truth in a world of lies. And you Caroline are really good, you conducted the interviews masterfully! What an exciting time we are living in when so many discoveries are made possible and a brand new world is unveiled thanks to so many precious people with open minds and vast hearts. Warm wishes and again many, many thanks!" Carla (from Geneva Switzerland)
Carla from Genva Switzerland
“ The Re-Awaken Masterclass was amazing! I was only able to watch the first five interviews. But within those videos I found multiple pieces of information to assist my clients in their healing paths. Dr Cowan has always been a huge inspiration to me. Therefore, with his recommendation, I knew there was value to the Masterclass. Thank you for bringing credibility to a new (old) way of thinking! Another beautiful piece of info I did not know before was the sound stimulation for the vagus nerve that John Stuart Reid talked about. Oh, and the idea of nerves communicating through sound. These concepts will be very beneficial when I work with TBI clients. I appreciate all the information I can acquire to help these people. Especially when they are ideas that are free or easily accessible to those who are desperate for help after they have usually exhausted all their funds with the mainstream medical first. I love giving people a protocol of grounding and sunbathing after being traumatized by the medical industry."
Wendy F.
“ Wow! You assembled a diverse set of healers. I learned so much” ~ Robert R. Bishop, California.”
Robert B.
"“I have participated in many summits; this one held such a high frequency and resonance for me and introduced me to quite a few new experts! Well done, Caroline! Your warmth and ease with facilitating the conversations was wonderful!! I purchased the All-Access Pass recently and had begun watching the interview sessions with great pleasure. Although I got behind in daily listening early on, I was convinced I needed to purchase.”
Lois W.


Super informative

This is thousands of hours of research condensed in a few days. She has picked topics and experts that I may not have accessed or researched otherwise and she asks all the questions as if reading my mind and some, questioning everything and shaking up all assumptions, and looking at things from a different perspective.

Woodland Hills

“Time flew by. When can I have her for 3 hours…just for me!”

Aline B
Westlake Village

I not only succeeded to make a team and to reach my specific time goals, but also I exceeded the standards with flying colors!

Recently I decided to try out for my high school track and field team. Although I was exercising regularly and moderately fit, I was very anxious about achieving the required marks to make the team. Tryouts loomed only one month away. Caroline offered to assist me nutritionally, to improve my physical capabilities. She explained that to achieve my goals, the ideal nutritional lifestyle was about using the proper kinds of carbohydrates, and ingesting a correct balance of food groups. This would fuel my muscles correctly for such intense exertion. My overall goal was to run a 100 m (about the length of a football field) under 15.7 seconds, and to run a 200 m under 34 seconds, in order to make the team. Although I did not fully follow the prescribed dietary outline, I was still making wiser, calculating, and more conscientious choices, which followed or supported my nutrient plan. When tryouts came, I not only succeeded to make a team and to reach my specific time goals, but also I exceeded the standards with flying colors! I sprinted the 100 m in 14.63 seconds, and the 200 m and 30.7 seconds. Every second I shaved off my original time was a wonderful victory! I took my nutrition and physical capability to a whole new level. I learned how proper nutrition is not about depriving yourself of specific foods, but rather about integrating and prioritizing proper foods to achieve optimum health. Thank you Caroline!

Camille G.

The importance of sleep

Last Sunday, I attended a class with Caroline. I learned the importance of sleep for hormonal and overall health. I now look at sleep time, not as a luxury or a waist of time/life, but as a necessary piece in my emotional, mental and physical well being. I also learn about a supplement that has been enhancing my immune system. Finally, I learned specific body exercises to use in everyday life to support the health of my body and hormones.

Thank you Caroline!

Rebecca Scalise
Agoura Hills

Feeling safe and excited about taking control of my own health!

I have learned that diet, exercise, and the proper supplementation, can help balance my hormones, without the need of any medication or hormonal treatments. I have begin to be more conscious of the foods I take knowing that this will contribute to keeping my hormones in check.

Agoura Hills

Happy Hormones

Through Caroline, I learned the importance of bone broth. While I’ve always enjoyed learning about nutrition and healthy eating, and have a fairly good diet, making sure our family has the micronutrients it needs and the nourishment from within has been stepped up a notch, thanks to the knowledge I’ve learned in her courses.

Stephanie B.
Agoura Hills


Barefood Angel has inspired me to look more closely at the source of the foods I eat and also how I combine these foods. I definitely have a deeper appreciation & passion for the local organic whole foods that I choose for myself and my family.

Aimee Porter

“My shopping experience left my shopping cart filled with healthy and tasty food choices …”

In this day and age, it is frightening what you find to buy on the shelves in markets. Processed this, GMO that. That is why I am so appreciative to have spent a few hours shopping with the knowledgeable and lovely Caroline.  Speaking from experience, it is overwhelming going to the market just buying crackers for my gluten sensitive son. It has been very time consuming to go through all the products and read ingredients, and even then sometimes I will leave with a product that might contain good ingredients, but that leave taste to the imagination. Not only did my shopping experience leave me with a shopping cart filled with healthy food items and food choices for my family, but I learned about healthy and tasty products and have learned so much about what additives, ingredients and  brands to avoid. Thank you Caroline!!

Kimberly S.

Great lunch and Great seminar

Great lunch and Great seminar. Read labels closer, Soy is not good, Watch what I am putting in my body temple.

Empowered. Knowledge is power. I believe it. Just because it says wheat free does not mean gluten free.

I am already pretty health conscious, but I did leave your seminar and went home to check out your websites, your blog, and looked up fiber foods.

Karen O
Newbury Park

I began making changes the minute I left Caroline’s seminar

I began making changes the minute I left Caroline’s seminar. My increased understanding of how my body works has given me some of the tools I need to really believe that I can make a difference in my health. I am very grateful and will make a point of going to all future seminars.

My friends and family are always interested in helpful knowledge. After hearing about my experience, one friend and one colleague at work are already planning to attend the next seminar. We all wish there were more seminars to attend.

I felt amazingly empowered! I have ongoing yeast overgrowth issues which I have tried to get under control for most of my life since taking long-term birth control pills. Going off of all sugars and taking probiotics just didn’t work for me. I am now shifting the way I think about food and feeling much more empowered because I now know much more about the ‘care and feeding’ of my beneficial microbe population.

I’ve only been at this for two days but I am already feeling some relief from the absolutely awful sugar cravings that have sabotaged my efforts for years.

I would recommend these seminars to everyone I know. There is such hope and such a hopeful message for everyone with health concerns (or loved ones with health concerns) and for those who have tried with poor results and feel overwhelmed with information.

Newbury Park

Caroline is truly a treasure trove when it comes to the subject matter and anything related to nutrition

Caroline is truly a treasure trove when it comes to the subject matter and anything related to nutrition. She has a very different view than that of your average mainstream nutritionist. You learn about what fats are good and which ones are not, the underlying difference between vegetable oils (that riddle the American dinner table) and while food fats. Amazing, amazing info. Friends and family who were already there have commented that they are changing the way they view fats. Throw in some history of fats, sprinkle a bit of science/biology, and mix in a bit of love and voila! An inspiring and empowering seminar. Who can ask for anything more. You literally have to be a turnip not to be motivated to take action.

Robert G

She inspired me to be even more conscious about my life style

My first experience with Caroline was at the Free “Gluten” meeting in Homentment in Glendale March, 2016. That meeting inspired me to be even more conscious about my life style. I realized, eating “Organic” (which I started a year ago), it’s not enough. There is another piece of the puzzle that I found out & that was to avoid foods that are harmful to human organs and cause diseases that could be life threatening at times. Now I am an advocate of eating healthy & I share this with my family & friends & colleagues and the differences that I see in my health. Our Fat meeting went 1.5 hour over the scheduled time, because everybody wanted to learn more about this subject. After all this is the cause for many serious diseases and one of the major factors for weight gain concerning women most specifically. I would recommend this to everybody from all walks of life. Starting from our schools, parents and anybody who loves to live a happy & healthy life surrounded with happy & healthy families and friends.

Nellie S.

” The deeper layer of research …has enhanced my choices…”

I’ve been receiving your newsletters for a couple years now and LOVE them.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your sharing the deep researching you’ve done.  So much of how I live and eat are in sync with what you post, and the deeper layer of research that you’ve put into so many things has enhanced my choices so much.

So, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart…


“I am better equipped to buy and feed my family foods that are……”

I found the recommendations Caroline’s made so far to be invaluable.  I am so appreciative and blessed to have Caroline as my guide. I know we are going to be greatly behooved by this process. She are so kind and so giving.  Thank you for getting back to me so quickly in regards to finding replacement foods.  I’m going to grocery shop and/or order them online tomorrow morning.

It means so much to me to have my pantry cleansed by someone as knowledgeable and caring as Caroline Aslanian.  I am very impressed and appreciative of her wisdom and knowledge in health and nutrition. I know moving forward, I am better equipped to buy and feed my family foods that are responsibly sourced, nutritious, organic and unadulterated. I trust in her expertise and look forward to her continued guidance.

Kimberly S.

“She has helped my family. She can help yours…”

Her workshops are where I can gain infinite knowledge and have fun at the same time.

She makes healthy recipes with audience participation.

Caroline goes deeper into the subjects explaining the whys and the facts behind them.

She helps people understand themselves better.

She has helped my family a lot. She can help yours.

She taught me instead of eating a cupcake at a party because it is a special occasion to look at it a different way.

“Every occasion is an opportunity to celebrate your body by feeding it healthfully”

Leela L.

“She has showed me the holes in my diet and nutrition, while still honoring my desire to not eat meat….”

I have been passionate about health and nutrition for many years and I pride myelf in being open to new ways to improve mine and my child’s healthful living experience. I have been a vegetarian for over 22 years. Caroline is an omnivore who eats organic grass-fed, sustainable meats. Even though we choose different paths in our eating we meet at being mindful about making sure what we eat, where it comes from, and how it affects the body, mind and spirit are all considered. Caroline has been a fantastic resource to me. Her knowledge and understanding of the body and nutrition has been invaluable. She has showed me the holes in my diet and nutrition, while still honoring my desire to not eat meat. She has also helped me and my daughter to heal issues w candida and gluten sensitivity. I cannot recommend her tailored-to-you regimens more. They really work because she doesn’t share anything she hasn’t worked out herself and doesn’t understand. She is a voracious researcher and is constantly striving to improve and increase her own knowledge and awareness. Caroline does not advocate dieting or even restricting your diet. You can have the things you want, but she helps you learn how to make sure what’s in it serves your body. Her cauliflower pizza is a great example of ‘being able to have your pizza, and eat it too’:) Once you become aware of what your body needs and how the products in our lives can either fuel or break down the bodies ability to thrive, it’s hard not to carry that with you. Caroline shares this, and more, with such passion and ease, because she loves, lives and breathes what she teaches. She has inspired me and my daughter and has helped take us to the next level in optimum health.

Kavi L.

“Getting the kids involved encourages them to eat…”


Thanks again for putting together this amazing workshop. The kids got exposed to a lot – Some highlights:

  1. Getting the kids involved encourages them to eat – or at least taste- everything.
  2. Cooking with friends makes it even better!
  3. Interesting to learn…..Vegetable oils, canola oil, margarine, soy oil, transfats are bad, but full fat foods are great: butter, olive oil (on salad), coconut oil, avocado.  Good fat does not make you fat – it gives you energy and allows you absorb the nutrients.
  4. Grains can make you crash just like sugar, so it’s good to limit them. Cauliflower pizza was so fun to make and absolutely delicious!  Some of the kids even asked for seconds – even after all the other food we snacked on!

2 weeks after the workshop: My kids are still talking about the workshop – they loved it!  They came home talking about reading labels – so you had an impact 🙂


Arianne W.
Oak Park

“You told me what to feed her and gave me many suggestions on how to help her immune system fight whatever she had. …”

I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our family. When I stared this process, I felt so overwhelmed and confused. I knew I had to do something to change the way we were eating, but didn’t know where to start. I began taking your workshops and was so thankful to have all that incredibly useful information given to me in a easy to understand way. I started to make some changes, but it wasn’t until Gianna got sick that I decided it was time to dive into it in a more committed way. Gianna got sick last August. I called you and your advice was priceless. You told me what to feed her and gave me many suggestions on how to help her immune system fight whatever she had.  Just a few days later the doctors called and told us that we might be dealing with something very serious: cancer/lymphoma. My world collapsed! I have never been so scared in my life. You were so instrumental in the healing process! I cannot thank you enough! While we were waiting for Children’s Hospital to give us an appointment, I followed your suggestions to the T. I have never liked to cook – I never thought I was any good at it, but I didn’t have a choice this time. I cooked your recipes, I bought the food you suggested, I made bone broth and mineral broth, I took her to the Naturopath doctor you suggested and gave her the supplements she prescribed.

Gianna was admitted to Children’s Hospital. She was seen by many doctors and was given a series of tests. The doctors were quite puzzled; it was clear from the test results that she was getting better, not worse. They said if it was lymphoma she would not be getting better, so after a few days they sent us home and said to come back in another month for more tests, just to make sure she was okay. We did and all the tests came back clear. The oncologist said he just doesn’t know what happened, but that he was happy to say that she was okay. No words can describe the incredible relief that we felt!

As her mother, I truly believe that what healed her were all they prayers and your “Angel Food”! I think God put you in my path because He knew what Gianna needed. After this experience, Gianna and I continued to learn from you; we attended one more workshop, we have participated several times in your incredible valuable Whole Food shopping tour, and have followed your meal plan for the past two weeks. I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time, Gianna has learned so much and is spreading the word about what we put into our bodies to all my family, and has taken personal responsibility for what she eats every day. I have learned how to shop for food that is REAL and healthy, and have even learned how to cook some delicious and super nutritious recipes. My family is delighted and I feel so good knowing we are all putting good things in our bodies. It has been a life-changing experience and I have so much appreciation for how much you have helped us!  May you continue in this beautiful path of helping transform people’s lives for the better.

With much love.

Annie (and family) G.

Here is what Leela at 11 said

Kids Workshop

“You did all the hard work..You give me tools…”

I came to the grocery store tour because you are knowledgeable, you did all the hard work and I trust you. You give me tools. You showed me how to avoid bad food and what to choose instead that is healthful.

Learning from you is going to make me eat better and feel better and be healthier.

The way you teach is easy to learn from you. Your personality makes it easy. The two hours is not enough. I am thinking when can I have 2 hours just for me. Knowing you is like having shortcuts to knowledge in life. If I had to do what you do it would take years.Basically, you are saving me time.

I’m lucky to have you. There is so much to learn from you.

I see you going on Dr. Oz’s show. You need to teach this to the masses and make a bigger difference in this world.

Aline B.
Westlake Village

“Our eating habits are so much better…”

Caroline’s knowledge regarding our bodies, health and food has been truly invaluable to my family and me. Our eating habits are so much better since I began taking her workshops and grocery tours and is evident in the health of my family.

Annie G.
Woodland Hills

“When I was sick, she guided me towards foods that would truly help my body.”

Caroline has helped me become aware of things that go into my body. When I was sick, she guided me towards foods that would truly help my body.

Gigi K.
Woodland Hills

“Going to the market will now feel much less overwhelming…”

This shopping experience is priceless. Going to the market will now feel much less overwhelming and I will be able gto shop more quickly knowing which products and brands to look for. I’d like to spend a few more hours shopping and learning with Caroline.

Giovanna G.
Redondo Beach

“A great experience creating it..”

Caroline, you truly are the Barefood Angel. And your kind hearted boys are angels too : ). Thank you so very much for this afternoon. Al loved the salad (yay!!!) and I did as well. My boys had a great experience creating it and I’m hoping they warm to eating it in the future – 9 game style. We are so blessed to know you.

Karen Cousino
Westlake Village

“I haven’t felt this good in a long time….”

I have cooked quite a few meals and have really enjoyed all of them.  Tonight I had the Moroccon Chicken and it was soooo good!!

Don’t know if it’s too soon to tell, but I felt great today despite the fact that I didn’t sleep much… I haven’t felt this good in a long time!

I have only been eating from the suggestions on the meal plan and I have been feeling so much better this week.  As I said before, not sure if it’s to soon to sing victory, but my energy is much better and the overall feeling of well-being.  A huge added plus is that I am cooking more that the only few healthy recipes that I know and we are loving the food!  Thank you soooo much!

Annie G.
Woodland Hills

“Simplifies this comprehensive analysis of oils in all their forms…”

Caroline, a holistic nutritionist, has compiled what may be the only visual aid that simplifies this comprehensive analysis of oils in all their forms.

Stephanie Bower

” Felt so good feeding my kids so healthy….”

We made the broth and made soup out of the vegetables. I felt so good feeding my kids something so healthy and they ate without complaining! It felt good, but I  gave you all the credit!

I made the salmon recipe and it was quite a success!! Everyone loved it!!! I feel great!  Finally I cooked something that they ALL LOVED!


Annie K.

“Bringing old traditional nutrition to the modern day kitchen…”

Caroline is amazing in the knowledge that she has comprised over the years. Bringing old traditional nutrition to the modern day kitchen. She has given invaluable information on what foods to buy and where that are children and adult friendly. … Thank you Caroline for all your research and knowledge. Especially in your delivery of your information. You are a true tribal leader and I hope your tribes grow in leaps and bounds. Caroline is a such a tribe leader.

Heidi Widoff

“Thankful that you are taking the time to share some of your Barefooding wisdom with us…”

You’re the smartest, kindest, most generous, most genuinely caring, clever, giving, loving, fun, funny, genuine genius and all-around AWESOME!! Anyone lucky enough to be there and here you speak, will be in awe of your all-around Carolineness! Know that all are so thankful that you are taking the time to share some of your Barefooding wisdom with us.


“You are a very effective teacher…”

Feeling so grateful today for all the wonderful, valuable information that was shared with us yesterday, covering so many important areas of our lives. You are a very effective teacher & you inspire!

Aimee P.

“Caroline’s knowledge amazes me every time…”

Caroline’s knowledge amazes me every time. Her passion for food and nutrition is very present in her teachings. I found her grocery store tour very informative and valuable.

Roshe B.
Westlake Village

“Your knowledge of health and nutrition is impressive…”

It was so lovely to meet you today and such an inspiring workshop. Thank you so much. I hope you will offer more workshops in the future–your knowledge of health and nutrition is impressive and it was great to hear you talk on so many topics.

Lyndsey M.

“Beautifully simplistic wisdom…”

The nutritional information received from just one workshop from BFA has completely changed the way I view nutrition. The way Caroline shares is beautifully simplistic wisdom.

Abigail W.
Woodland Hills

“You expanded my horizon…”

Thank you for that informative, thorough and lovely presentation. You expanded my horizon and impacted our food preparation. My husband would have been thrilled to hear you speak since he was so against the cholesterol lowering diets and drugs. Thank you for taking all that time and effort to bring wellness to your surrounding. I would love to see you speak to teenage kids. We have to talk about that.

Astrik V.

“Thank you for sharing this oh-so-important information…”

Loved loved loved your “Seeing the Light” article!  I have always been intrigued with how the skin works, skin products, and especially the negative and positive effects of the sun!  Thank you for sharing this oh-so-important information.


Becky S.

“Not only educational but fun and motivating..”

Caroline is an inspiring teacher, woman and parent! This class on fermented foods was not only educational but fun and motivating!

I look forward to any class Caroline is willing to give. She’s truly amazing!

Keri H.

“Thank you for sharing with such clarity…”

It was wonderful to meet you & hear your wisdom…..thank you for sharing with such clarity. I have my yoghurt maker & preparing to start yoghurt production soooon!

Clytie L.

“Your insight has been so helpful to our family…”

Your insight has been so helpful to our family. I don’t even want to know where I would be without all the information you’ve provided for us the last few years, you’ve been amazing!

By the way we’ve been making the cauliflower pizza about once a week and it’s replaced pizza for us. We love it!

Sammy B.
Westlake Village

” A strong voice sharing such important empowering info…”

Thank you again for the wonderful & amazing 2 days of jam packed workshops.  I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.

Thank you for being a strong voice sharing such important empowering info.

Scarlett L.

“Eagerness to dispense well rounded knowledge…”

I want to say THANK YOU to Caroline for doing such an amazing job with Wellness!  Your passion and eagerness to dispense well rounded knowledge is pleasing (that says a lot from me because I’m very picky about what I hear and see being put out there these days).

I appreciate you chairing this committee this year.  Just wanted you to know that your hard work and energy is noticed and appreciated.

Michelle S-L.
Westlake Village

“Cooking class was inspiring …With simple explanations…”

Caroline’s cooking class was inspiring and eye opening. My family and I have been eating store bought yogurt for years, and I had no idea how simple it would be to prepare our own organic raw milk recipe. With simple explanations and direction, Caroline has taught us a new way of feeding our bodies a healthy, beneficial food.

Looking forward to your next cooking class!

Lisa D.

“Well prepared, informative, and fun…”

Thank you for a wonderful day and great workshop! That was a lot of work you had done and it was well prepared, informative, and fun. Well done my friend!

I have some friends and family that ask me about stuff and it’s … hard to explain in a small talk, but they want to know.  I know where to send them now!:)

Great workshop today!! thanks again for all this care and love and work – it shows.  I really enjoyed it and learned from it.

Adrineh B.
Woodland Hills

“To get families going on the path of eternal health…”

Very easy and simple cooking demo for people who want to incorporate raw food in their lives. The food was simply delicious and my taste buds were begging for more. This is a great class to get families going on the path of eternal health, as raw foods are full of living enzymes. Looking forward to more classes and more learning.

Mini K.

” Learning about the effects of probiotics on our immune system, digestion, and mood…”

Great class for learning about the effects of probiotics on our immune system, digestion, and mood.  The stories about spontaneous healing for children and adults with acid reflux  and other digestive problems is most inspiring.From my own experience I know it to be true. I really enjoyed the presentation on how to prepare foods at home with probiotics such as yogurt and sauerkraut. Very easy to do and worthwhile.

Adam W. 
Hidden Hills

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3 simple, fast, effective, and profound Breathwork techniques to detox like coffee enema without the coffee or enema, clear mind and become heart centered.

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Two chapters of  book  endorsed by Sally Fallon- president of Weston A Price Foundation and Professor Michel Poulain- BlueZone Demographer



Masterclass Video

Which Fats to Eat.

Which Fats to Ditch.